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Domestic companies:

1. ‘s team announced that achieve a new round of $50 million in financing

‘s group ( was founded in 2010, was among the first wave of group-buying websites and life service e-commerce platform. The company today announced a $50 million a new round of investment, the original shareholders investment team, including founder Xu Maodong investment accounted for more than 50%, in order to promote deeper into life service area’s regiment. ‘s group has announced in 2011 for CDH, god bless, the investment of clear division, and other investment institutions.

2. tataUFO amoebic capital millions of pre – A round

tataUFO ( was founded in 2012, is an online dating platform for college students, every night at ten o ‘clock match a Ta for the user, the user of up to 100000 people. The company has announced amoebic capital millions Pre – A round of investment.

, Courier company “all peak express” in which hundreds of millions of yuan investment from

all peak express ( was founded in 2010, is a company operating international and domestic express and related business service enterprises, in 2013, ding peng kang investment capital, phoenix 200 million yuan capital investment. The company has obtained yunfeng capital investment, hundreds of millions of dollars.

4, billiton d information proposed $810 million acquisition of Shanghai fire applauded The Three Kingdoms, developers 90% soluble

Shanghai fire dissolve ( was founded in 2012, is a mobile game developers, the main product is applauded The Three Kingdoms, the water nearly 50 million yuan per month, had previously won the pine funds, such as atomic vc millions angel investment. Rio d information announcement today, said it would spend $810 million yuan to buy Shanghai fire dissolve 90% stake, after has been through a wholly owned subsidiary and owns a 10% stake in the fire to dissolve information, now holds a 100% stake.

5 and ding dong district announced an angel investment

ding dong village ( was established in January 2014, is a residential community, community based service life consumption of local application, can timely understand small important announcements, communication with community neighbors happy; Found nearby of used cars, car pool, pet, service life more convenient. , the company has announced for the angel investment amount has the media reported that a listed company for the angel investment of $100 million.

the foreign company

1. identity Centrify won $42 million in a new round of investment management company

Centrify ( was founded in 2004, is a identity management technology company, for business customers user identification, logging, using BYOD or cloud application solutions. The company has received $42 million a new round of investment, the Samsung Ventures led, Fortinet, Docomo Capital with, so that the company’s total funding to $94 million.

2. India gained $100 million in a new round of investment shopping website Snapdeal

Snapdeal ( was founded in 2010, is a company from India e-commerce sites. The company has received $100 million, valued at $1 billion, a new round of investment by temasek, blackstone, such as joint investment, in February this year the company has just won a $134 million investment.

3. online lending service Earnest received A $15 million round of investment

Earnest ( was founded in 2013, is one of the online small loans for personal service platform, based on the user’s credit history, income estimate and so on to provide loans to evaluate and lending services, the company has received A $15 million round of investment, by Maveron, Atlas, Andreessen Horowitz joint investment.

4, anonymous social applications Whisper a $36 million C wheel investment tencent and cast

Whisper ( was founded in 2012, is a main anonymous, private share of mobile social applications, has become very popular among students in the United States. Round of investment, the company has received $36 million C by Shasta Ventures led, Thrive Capital, Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, tencent and other cast, so that the company’s total funding to $60 million, $200 million valuation.

5 and integrate body feeling control and virtual reality technology companies Survios received A $4 million round of investment

Survios ( was founded in 2013, is an integrated body feeling control, virtual reality technology company, its products can be Oculus Rift with sensors, controllers, collocation are together, create an immersive experience for the user. The company has received A $4 million round of investment, by Shasta Ventures led.

statement: data reference IT orange.

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