Inch black BAT internationalization failure, why not learn the cheetah?

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for all Internet giant, seek new growth outside three road: sinking, go out, and new fields. Go out and almost become the consensus of all the giant’s internationalization strategy, in the context of globalization, the domestic company to go out and came in foreign companies is inevitable trend, but the transcript of internationalization of companies is a huge difference: the internationalization of BAT is full of woes, and the newly listed cheetah mobile is surging, and for those who want to sail for Chinese companies, the latter experience more significance.

cheetah mobile: from overseas surrounded China

cheetah mobile Q1 results showed that the cheetah move Q1 revenue nearly 300 million, up 132% from a year earlier. 223 million monthly active users, annual growth of 385%; Move to income ratio (2013 Q4) increase from 11% to 17% (2014 Q1), has been close to mobile commercial best baidu (20%). Cheetah mobile 502 million users, 63% from overseas markets (the United States, Asia, Europe), the user on the internationalization of few can match with Chinese Internet company.

in addition to most users from overseas, cheetah move the core product of cleaning master remained in Europe, North America and Russia, and other overseas markets at the top of Google Play free tools application. At recent baidu union summit, cheetah mobile CMO, Mr. Liu said the cheetah move is likely to be in the next quarter will become a boss China tools application, surrounded by domestic from overseas has become a cheetah mobile clear tactics.

, at the annual meeting of the tiger sniffing at the end of last year net FM Fu Cheng publicly for the first time the cheetah move hidden under the surface “clear master”, the internationalization strategy was exposed for the first time. After listing, Fu Cheng revealed, cheetah mobile money raised will be largely used in continue to strengthen internationalization.

compared with the cheetah mobile, with strong financial support, full of the internationalization of the Internet giant achievement is slightly smaller.

: baidu to stumble back Japan

Japanese search engine baidu launched in 07 years, is the first attempt on internationalization, eventually did not take with matching position in the Chinese market, ended in to stumble. Until now, baidu users overseas is only 30 million, insignificant compared with its 500 million users in China.

baidu to go abroad still ambitious.

command is international business department received early last year baidu’s death, baidu to more than half of the countries in the world become household names; In more than half of the world’s countries foothold web search.

now it besides has the Japanese web search, Hao123, Simeji input method, also entered the African mobile browsers, Thai security software and site navigation market. Than that into the Japanese market, baidu quiet a lot, from the third world market around, and no longer limited to search. Overall, the internationalization of business has become a baidu business of submarine, li doesn’t want to make it. The only exception is baidu in overseas talent and development layout, recently hired Wu En up to join in and set up a lab in silicon valley, li present.


the internationalization is the most difficult

the road full of woes of the internationalization of ali, although it is the most international giants, because B2B business itself is in foreign trade. The United States, India and the UK is ali first three big overseas markets, is the mainstream. Ali is also has the most overseas offices and overseas staff Chinese Internet companies.

the problem is that ali B2B has become the weakness of the it business, C2C and B2C business has arisen, B2B is being marginalized. But it’s a strong business C2C, the B2C and payment business internationalization progress has been slow. Although has launched new Japan, overseas logistics center and other business attempt to go abroad, subject to constraints such as logistics, customs, language is not up to expectations.

taobao on the internationalization of the failure to overseas act as purchasing agency entrepreneurs to provide space, a lot of help to the Chinese to buy foreign goods or help foreigners to buy taobao cargo proxy class website arises at the historic moment, the person responsible for taobao is difficult to get the supply of goods, logistics, payment, customer service, such as language barriers to solve and make profits and service charge.

ali on the eve of the listed again passed to the world its determination to internationalization, just with a $249 million investment in Singapore postal. After ali had Tango and so on overseas investment. In addition to ali, jingdong also will go abroad after listed as a key strategy. Than Amazon, Ebay and other overseas electricity players’ internationalization, the internationalization of China’s electricity in baby crawl, because involves the “logistics” and “flow”, electricity than the focus of “information flow” company internationalization more difficult.

tencent: investment attack the United States and South Korea, WeChat tapping the third world

tencent first conducted a large number of overseas mergers and acquisitions, tencent overseas has accumulated investment of $2 billion by the end of last year. These funds were spent on the United States and South Korea game creative business, according to the author, tencent 25 overseas investment in recent years, the United States and South Korea occupy pen, 23 games business occupy 72%.

the second international road is WeChat, namely WeChat. In August last year, tencent had announced WeChat users has exceeded 100 million, overseas WeChat overseas business will operate independently established overseas department’s voice, then go away. WeChat overseas markets are still concentrated in the third world countries. Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea is annexed by WhatsApp and Line. Many view, must enter the mainstream of the internationalization of the Internet marketing can really be.

the micro letter overseas subscribers and do not have the latest data, but its international business either purchase or is preempted by the user, far from commercial to liquidate or set the stage of the brand. WeChat can help tencent successful internationalization, hard to say.

cheetah moving overseas road what enlightenment?

1, solve the spot product oriented.

cheetah is utility class mobile applications, rather than on the operation of electricity (ali), on search technology (baidu) or on the data of social (tencent). It process can fully meet the needs of users spot on a product, the user habits of the differences, can be solved by product localization.

Fu Cheng has said that the cheetah found that the increased attention given to the overall user experience overseas users, making a better product to highlight, less reliance on channels. And giant will consider more global layout, business synergy of strategic level, cheetah mobile focus on user needs, do the tools to solve.

2, single point breakthrough rather than matrix.

the cheetah move abroad representing a cleaning master. BAT, but the big three, by contrast, is almost business matrix. Baidu search, security, and browser, ali have logistics, social (Tango), act as purchasing agency platform, tencent is a game, safety, and social.

overseas markets on the choice of cheetah is a mobile one. Giants because resources and ambitions have often multiple legs parallel operations. Speak with Fu Cheng words, this is a “single point blasting” tactics. The lack of resources has become the adopt single point potential causes of blasting tactics, to become advantage.

3, marginalization strategy of success.

Internet giants in the domestic, invincible. Cheetah is also facing 360 strangulation of the strong rivals, the way is almost cracks strives for the survival, is very difficult. The giant network strategy of surrounding the cities from the countryside also does not work, because the giants in the domestic market already sinking seamlessly into.

is more wide in overseas markets. Whether Chinese or foreign giants are difficult to fully consider, always leaving gaps on the market or business. Cheetah move targeting, single point blasting, a “QiaoJin” is used to implement the desktop-and away, in the words of Fu Cheng, this is called “marginalization strategy”.

4, mobile products are more likely to be internationalized.

cheetah is pure mobile international selection of mobile business, rather than a golden hill network first the cheetah PC browser. The rapid development of mobile Internet entrepreneurs to bring dividend need not say oneself. Mobile Internet globalization gap exists, a mature business in China in the third world may not have to.

there is mobile Internet application concentration distribution, the mechanism of mobile Internet users around the world use the same AppStore, using the same GooglePlay, accept both Google and Apple’s latest system upgrade, the internationalization of this utility class mobile App provides the system guarantee. Mobile Internet geographical barriers is lower and each market is more open, people are more easy to find and access to different applications, no matter where this application from.

in addition to the cheetah, WeChat WeChat internationalization than QQ more smoothly, also pure mobile Internet players such as internationalization of UC smoothly, some are benefited from the mobile Internet.

have to say is, of course, the cheetah mobile internationalization progress rapidly, but it is still far from becoming giants, in the income composition and capital to the BAT and many rely on, but its internationalization success is worth every Chinese companies want to flee overseas for reference.

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