Independent of fish, the movie field can also be tech blog

the only film and love cannot live up to.

is different from all the portal, media and pr release, even most of the media column, depth resolution observation.

Independent fish is a

new media focus in the field of film .


about films, actually already has two do excellent sites, but compared with watercress focus movie reviews, and the optical network news focus on films, independent observations is focus movies.

independent perspective, watch movie field has happened and is happening. So not only the film itself (different from douban movie reviews mode), and filmmakers is related to film, film industry, film knowledge, stories and other related content .

is an independent fish produce film observation content platform, made up of the author and the reader. The author is not just a film critic and film reporter, the former critics, which produces movie news, which is different from douban and the pattern of time. The author can be a staff in the field of film, director, producer, for example, by their share of film creation, as well as the environment observation, may also be a movie enthusiast, knowledge sharing movie geeks.

is the purpose of independent fish the Angle of view to build an independent film industry platform , gathered film, for the development of Chinese film, film enthusiasts to provide a platform to read, useful market observation for the film industry.

how to define a product has feelings. Look how he’s founder, the most. Founder of registered famous pen no qin, luoyang sword, a city of snow, also without spring and autumn period and the qin. Douban musicians, “my ideal, purple lip” two songs. Advertising director, independent film director. The door of the heart in the movie website, is one of the business. but you can think of, he was a law student.

the understanding of the film, can be another way.

watch report

filmmakers, film critics, the film enthusiasts can from different angles to share experience in the field of film, insights and knowledge. Film now independent of the channel is fish, people watch, movie cold knowledge and subject these plates. Form a is not only a new media to discuss the film itself. More often sign up to look into this field. Do the thinker.

Independent non conformity

the perspective of independent observation. Independent fish to do have to think of the film, to witness the progress of Chinese films and filmmakers. such as Tim burton’s film “big fish” inside a how also can’t catch the big fish, not because of strong or swim fast, but their different .

this value only introduced the independent fish feelings, film of new media dreams, but not deeply. No qin, founder of the wood. We will have a good talk, the subsequent have an article to talk with him. Liability, xx.

independent fish


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