Ink cloud push hardware air fruit, as well as the data business?

(word/Yao Hongxi)

the weather information query software provider ink cloud yesterday released the first intelligent hardware products “air”, from the original single software services to upgrade the hard and soft. And this is the company from the original simple tool service provider to the service life is an important step in transition.

“indoor and outdoor surveillance coverage”

the ink cloud CEO Jin Li said, fruit is a smart air testing equipment, supporting PM2.5, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and other data of detection and warning, priced at 999 yuan, from now on start booking.

according to introducing, air fruit products built in multiple sensors, the operation way of human-computer interaction, from a distance can be detected PM2, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and air pressure data, and can detect changes, such as gravity, acceleration and noise. The data by network synchronization to ink the weather APP directly, also lets users via mobile phone to check the indoor environment indicators in a timely manner. Not only that, the product also have speech and of the air quality in the alarm clock function, through breath when air quality unhealthy lamp “alarm”.

at the same time, the fruit also provide “edition” outdoor air, did simplify processing on the function, can detect temperature, humidity, air pressure and PM 2.5 data. Also through wireless connected with indoor air fruit, real-time upload outdoor air conditions. Fruit 999 yuan price is different, with air outdoor version declared free, but the user must be air fruit buyers. The basic can understand to buy fruit or can free version of the outdoor air.

push hardware is to collect data

many Internet companies are now put into the hardware products, thus grafting or seek new business model. For ink situation, what is the purpose of pushing the hardware?

Jin Li told hunting cloud network, air 999 yuan price belongs to the cost price sale, hardware products do not make money (note: don’t know how much is the product cost, and retains the letter, but still a lot of people think that the pricing on the high side).

readers are familiar with millet, millet mobile phone just released does not make money, but with increased sales, parts procurement, production cost reduction, also have profit. Despite the impulse to reduce the cost approach can be used for ink wind and cloud, but from my point of view, push Jin Li hardware is the purpose of greater in paving the way for massive air data, on this basis to build ecology, that is to say, he has to do is “data business”,

according to the latest figures, the ink cloud has 270 million users, 45 million active users. Such a scale have been on top in the country. But the core values of this App is the data of weather conditions is obtained from purchased from other service providers (after a report that all the data from China’s environmental monitoring station), which occupies a lot of cost. Companies are also in the skin, the plug-in value-added services and made a commercial advertising and recommend ways to explore, but overall results is small.

the weather application of core competence is the accuracy of the data, even official monitoring data is not 100% confidence. Therefore, software service providers in the process of transformation to the life in the company, to launch “the scene” attract users take pictures to share, to increase product attributes of the “community”, is to through the UGC way “data”.

the secondary air of fruit, but also directly using the way of a single device to real-time monitor the weather around the user data, the coverage is not only the interior, also extended to the outside.

this means that the future every users of fruit is a air monitoring station, near the data collected after sharing not only is the user sees, and more importantly, the ink weather can be integrated according to regional data processing, real-time feedback to other clients.

when users accumulated to a certain size, ink the weather can be completely bypass the third party, and through the way of user generated data to serve more users. Imagine, even if only tens of millions of users to real-time monitor the air data, the scale will be far beyond the government’s monitoring data, become the largest domestic air source. (and even Chinese weather net official agencies will use their data)

according to the collected data will commercially, Jin Li to cloud network hunting, said the company will also consider and explore gradually. “For now, is more a partner real-time feedback to the data, make the data more real.”

in addition, the air if the API will be open to the public, through a user authorization, realize data sharing with our cooperative partners, and with the air conditioner, air purifier, humidifier and other household appliances to develop intelligent life experience! Ink weather now and beauty, aucma, Fanny, Dream Maker and other manufacturers to achieve cooperation.