Inside apple university: internal cultivation “jobs ii

apple may be the only on the planet dare and Picasso comparison technology companies.

The apple company’s internal training program – university of class, an instructor list of Picasso’s painting, 11 used to demonstrate how to Picasso’s “The Bull” style into apple’s smartphones and other devices of all kinds of design. The idea is: apple’s designers strive to Picasso eliminate detail concise way to create a great masterpiece.

Steve jobs will build apple university as a kind of education staff into apple’s business culture and history method, especially when the company is growing and changing of science and technology. Although the courses are recommended, not required, but the new staff has been very positive to the class.

although many companies also have similar internal plan, but in many cases is a kind of form, and apple’s model in the field of high and new science and technology has always been the most watched topics.

apple university has always been very mysterious, even in Walter Isaacson’s “jobs” are rarely mentioned. In general, apple employees are reluctant to talk about their own business, let alone the few over the years by outsiders to understand apple university.

there are no images out of the classroom, and apple spokeswoman also declined to reporter to guide teachers to interview.

fortunately, the three had trained employees agreed to an interview with the New York times. They described the plan as apple presents a vivid picture of the world. Like apple products, in the university’s speech is elaborate Settings. One of them said: “even the toilet, toilet paper is very good.”

is different from many other companies, the company all the year round to open its internal training course. Full-time teachers, including guiding teachers, writers and editors, create and teach the courses. Full-time teachers, including some from like Yale university, Harvard University, the university of California, the university of California, Berkeley, Stanford, and professor at the Massachusetts institute of technology, some of the work for the company while still in college.

this plan is designed by Joel Podolny. When the plan has just set up in 2008, Mr. Jobs choose him to design the plan, he is the director of the Yale school of management. Until now, he is still fighting for.

in an internal website for apple employees, only employees according to their positions and background to the corresponding course. For example, one of the course is designed for those recently acquired the company’s founder, teach them how to smooth the resources and talents into the company. The company may give Beats the company’s employees, perhaps including its founder Dre and Jimmy Iovine a special courses. Both apple and Beats companies declined to comment.

one of the employees interviewed said that some course teaches some important business decisions apple do case studies, including the iPod and its iTunes software compatible with Microsoft’s Windows system. This has produced a fierce debate between head. Jobs don’t want to and Microsoft “sharing” iPod, but he has finally succumbed to his deputies. Results show that for Windows users open iPod makes the scale of the music player and iTunes store explosive growth, which later contributed to the success of the iPhone.

employees interviewed said that in the apple park, a professor at the course of construction is known as the “city center”, also like apple’s products has been carefully designed. All the rooms is pervious to light, and built a trapezoidal shape; Amphitheatre as arranged, let everyone can clearly see the instructor. Apple university not only exist in the United States, China and other places also have its shadow, and have a tour around the professor.

Randy Nelson, with Steve jobs created the animation studio Pixar, is now one of the teachers “communication in apple” course. This course is open to different levels of employees, core courses are: clear communication, not only manufacturing products, and share ideas with counterparts and product marketing.

in the last year of a course, Nelson shows a group of “bull” slide, the slide is Picasso created since 1945 at the end of a month-long 11 picture of the bull. In the early stages, the bulls only a nose, shoulder handle and neat’s foot, but in the next painting, these details disappeared. The last picture is a curved shape but it is still a undisputed bull.

a staff attended the course recalls: “you change design, until you can use a minimalist approach to convey your message, this is the apple brand has, also is the standard of everything we do.”

in Nelson, a professor at another course “what makes apple apple”, an employee shows a set of slides, Google TV remote control and the remote control with 78 button. Then Nelson shows a picture of apple TV remote control, the remote control is just a small pieces of metal with three buttons.

why apple’s designers decided to only three buttons? Nelson explained: they came up with a method at first, and then has been discussed, until they get what really need – a button to play and pause video, used to select a button to play, while the rest of the a button to return to the main menu.

Nelson said that Google TV remote control is a good example: it has many buttons. Because of the plan of independent engineers and designers, completed to do what they think is ok. However, for apple’s designers, only need three buttons.

another course – “the best thing”, named since Steve jobs famously said. Around its purpose is to remind employees to focus on the best of things, such as talented peers and the high quality material, so that they can finish the work better.

this course of another teacher, Stanford professor Joshua Cohen, who grew up in New York’s central park. The park is a rocky at first swamps. But its designers want to use the land converted into a city residents embrace nature of space.

Steve’s goal is: to make sophisticated computer technology to understand nature.

a consumer technology working in creative strategy, said Ben Bajarin, an analyst with apple’s growing, apple university will receive more attention.

Bajarin said: “when you after decades of case studies on apple, you can get only one conclusion is that the people here believe that they are creating can change people’s life the best products, this is also our unique culture.”

to sum up, apple university core idea is “to numerous to Jane. When you want to do, the more your product will become the rubbish.”