Inside the tip of the tongue Ⅱ day cat little choice product four “hidden rules”

after the CCTV broadcast the tip of the tongue 2, nanshan wild goose to mushroom, built leishan fish sauce, jumping fish, watermelon sauce, take off the bone… The ingredients of these previously unheard of in Tmall to sell the fire. Removal of well-known CCTV official exclusive authorized public factors, such as small 2 days cat when selected product unknown secret, today in the sole.

“hidden rules” exposure

there is no pursuit to ingredients and cooking methods can only be called version, top diners will like the flowers bees chase away the ingredients in pursuit of dreams. The tip of the tongue 2 each episode 7 days before the broadcast, the content of the Tmall small 2 will get a document in “secret” of the watermark. Like you’re the director selected actors, Tmall little choice product is always a lot of “hidden rules”.

choose “alone” is the first factor, the required ingredients of region is extremely strong, first chooses origin outside it is difficult to buy scarce ingredients. For example shows broadcast of duck, goose to mushroom already very few, the day the cat framed liyang will only local merchants, the geographical position is a little deviation can be accepted.

on the contrary, the second factor dimension requirements under the premise of “alone” must have “wide”. Refers to the food taste in most areas across the country that is acceptable to consumers. Stinky tofu taste of some people is not acceptable, then it will be pass.

next, ingredients need to be on the exposure time is relatively more, long scenes to impress the audience. A lot of ingredients on the air just as a “walk-on, and is given to the sequence of the manual noodle more will fire, in the flow of light and shadow, white noodles inextricably pour down, let a person produce a strong visual stimulation.

the last and easy to use, that is to say, food consumption process simple easy operation. If it’s open bags of instant so much the better. Taiwan beef noodle soup, for example, and luoyang soup dumplings, consumers buy home cooking can be simple, in line with the net house property and fast-paced way of life.

conditions demanding

after the select key commodities, when merchants merchants will be more strict requirements are put forward. First of all, the product must have a QS production license, the second packing, shipping to stand the test of logistics. Businesses also need to have good after-sales service ability, and can provide a relatively reasonable price, have strong ability of stock at the same time.

“before the program who will fire, director of CCTV sometimes can not control, to ask them.” The day they refers to the day of the cat cat merchants mouth small 2. They not only control the resources and traffic entrance, have mastered a lot of data and consumer consumption psychology.

according to businesses, such as Inner Mongolia wild t. mongolicum is high value of dry goods, small 2 Suggestions to relatively small specifications of the packaging to ensure that the unit price in the range of consumer psychological endurance, and stock quantity to make requirements for businesses. In selling practice proved small 2: shelves before and after the two specifications of the products while large size unit price is relatively cheap, or small 2 suggest price is more popular with consumers, after after the program was quickly rushed to the shelves.

according to media reports, “the tip of the tongue 2” after the broadcast 24 hours more than 5 million people visited day by mobile phone and PC cat food the tip of the tongue sole cooperation page 2. Sichuan bacon 7 days sold 20000 copies, Hollow noodle sold more than 4000 catties; Watermelon sauce search index rose by 124568%; Dr Kernel sugar, peanut kernels in xinjiang is out of stock from the shelves…

the growth of crazy search index, and the enthusiasm of consumers to buy the shelves, let the merchants have to admire willingly accept the “hidden rules”.