Intel and rap star cooperation will push fitness headset products

on August 16th, Intel announced on Friday, the company has with the super superstar rapper 50 Cent fitness headset products cooperation agreement.

the cooperation involves Intel’s so-called “the first kind of way of life and can be integrated with the technology of personal audio system” the development of this product can be “to provide different levels of athletes intelligent exercise function”.

this product will be on sale later this year, provided by the Intel support equipped audio headphones, brand name will be used SMS, which is 50 Cent as CEO of the company. According to Intel said: “this kind of headphones have biometric sensors to monitor the heart rate, can let the user data collection fitness, achieve peak performance.”

Intel vice President Michael (Michael Bell, Bell said in a statement: “Intel will focus on promote the wearable technology innovation. We reached a cooperation with lifestyle brands such as SMS Audio, this collaboration provides us with more technology and design experience.”

Intel did not disclose the specific price of this product.

source: sina science and technology