Intel said never give up the tablet market, the hope is huaqiang north?

Intel official said this year will be over 130 tablets using Intel chips. The computex opening this week, there will be a large number of Android with Intel chips and Windows tablet.

in January this year, Intel set down the annual goal: this year there will be 40 million tablet using Intel chips. In Code at the conference last week Intel CEO Brian Krzanich reiterated that goal and said: “I’ll never give up mobile phone and tablet market space.”

in the past few years, Intel has been the industry criticism “missed the mobile market. , for the sake of energy consumption, the majority of the apple and Android phones are made based on ARM processor. The last two years, Intel is significantly reduce the energy consumption of the chip, has just launched Broadwell chip is to create the energy consumption of Intel chips optimal balance and performance. However, in the field of mobile phone chips, Intel still be stretched thin. But Intel see a chance to catch up in the field of flat chip.

in order to catch up the ARM, Intel at “condescending” (huaqiang north) and shenzhen small and medium plate producers to cooperate. Previous message, Intel has and core micro cooperation agreement, let red core micro based on Intel chips for Chinese tablet production agreed prices lower, more ground solution.

Intel pursued in the field of tablet, there is a big Windows tablet recovery. Although Windows tablet could not provide ecological experience to compete with apple, but given the Android tablet the same lack of applied ecology, Windows tablet with all functions (abundant) compatible with PC software, interface characteristic gradually showed signs of recovery. And Microsoft have to tablet devices under 9 inches from licensing system to promote the development of the market. Intel for more good news is that Windows tablet can use Intel chips can’t use of ARM chips, after all the Windows RT system based on ARM chips have been OEM to give up.

from “the balance of 130 and 40 million sales annual target, Intel, putting their faith in the single phone shipments are small and medium plate producers, and so most of the vendors gathered in shenzhen. Internationally renowned chip makers Intel hope, in the field of tablet falls on the “made in huaqiang north”.