Intel smart watches can be real-time monitoring of Parkinson’s patients

according to the charity fund Parkinson’s patients, Michael J Fox Foundation, with Intel recently launched a user monitoring Parkinson’s patients daily several smart watch. The equipment in addition to 24 hours for Parkinson’s patients to detail data collection service, and after dealing with the large data analysis, to provide medical research institutions, in order to promote Parkinson’s incentive to find out the process.

the device smart watch manufacturing company from Intel last year Basis. After wearing the products, which can be real-time monitoring of Parkinson’s patients body of more than 300 lesions. The daily data collected from each user can be up to 1 gb.

according to incomplete statistics, the world has as many as 5 million Parkinson’s patients, more than half of the patients appeared in China.

at present, the smart watch Intel has begun clinical trial, but it is not clear when it will officially launched.