Intelligent household monitoring system Neoji: can determine abnormal sound in the home

if you don’t stay at home for a long time, may need a friend or family member to help yourself to see the house, water the plants, such as sorting mail. But now, perhaps you can choose a kind of high-tech means to deal with these problems, only need some sensors can monitor the home at any time in the house of “action”.

recently, a project called Neoji Indiegogo appear it is for this purpose, it is actually a put in the home equipment, coupled with a series of sensors, deployed Neoji can monitor the sound and movement in the home, even the temperature and air quality, monitoring scope is very comprehensive, as if the nanny that occupy the home.

, according to the creator of the Neoji Neoji have self-learning ability, with the passage of time, it will remember that in the ordinary day will the sound in the home, so when there is abnormal situation occurs, for example in the case of everyone out suddenly someone broke into the home, Neoji will remind the head of the household. If the purchase is senior suits, head of the household can be controlled by the fixed 180 ° camera to see family.

in addition, Neoji can connect to other household electrical appliances, such as smart thermostats, smart meters, wireless light bulbs, etc., so that the user can view the state of electric equipment, such as electricity, very practical.

source: tencent digital