Intelligent office system provider Robin, won a $1.4 million investment

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imagine, when you walk into a room, the room can identify you, and then customize according to your habits. This is not a vision of the future. Due to an up-and-coming Robin company just now, all this is happening. The company provide such a layer of software services for office buildings. The company from Boston have from Atlas, Deep Fork and Boldstart Venturesand Space Pirates company received $1.4 million in financing. The money will be used to develop products, add some Robin company authorized office systems, even a small job.

in order to meet the needs of the workplace, Robin companies use iBeacon and BLE (bluetooth low energy) devices to detect nearby and movement. When the user is about to walk into a room, it can be automatically scheduled meeting room. When people enter the room, it can by updating the screen room and equipment near convenient user control.

Robin company from Dunn brothers founded One of the early Mighty Roar independence of the company. The latter was like many, facebook, and Chipotle such companies provide services. Investment in the company itself, and begin to profit in 2009. But this year, 15 Robin’s team began to focus on the company. Robin co-founder of the company include One Mighty Roar partner Brian Muse (CTO) and Apollo Sinkevicius (COO).

“starting in 2011 to create the brand, we did a lot of data analysis in the meeting,” he explained. “We want to apply the idea of ‘log in the real world to RFID wristbands. And concerts at the meeting, the wrist strap can be associated with the number of Facebook accounts, so that you can allow guests in the photo booth, survey area and other places to brush their disposable wrist strap, “he said.

when Bluetooth LE appeared for the first time, the team just want to take it from the RFID wrist to transplant to the software to play, and this is our source of inspiration.

the idea of Robin company is tracking based on their space (place) and room number, monthly charge between $100 and $1000 for each company. This fall, they will also give some areas provide free services.

in order to get the service, the user must be installed on their iOS or Android Robin mobile application, so that can be detected in a certain space applications. In the aspect of hardware, you just need to a signal tower. A signal tower can cover most area of 30 square. Takes the dashboard can give Robin authorized office system to provide the whole office wide-angle video and analyze the data. With the increase of more connected devices, such as TV rods, intelligent temperature controller, light, etc., Robin system can be customized to control them.

authorized by the company is preparing to launch its first office system, only like news corp and the Blade (by Kayak co-founder Paul English creation), such as a few private beta version to participate in the company. The company also plans to increase several cooperation company in summer every other week. According to Sam, summer pilot project has signed a deal with 20 offices. Has been released this fall at the same time waiting list of nearly 100 office installation system.

Source: TC