Intelligent router development way forward from the outbreak early

hunting cloud network on April 23,


the front two articles, you old hunting zhai has the great potential of intelligent router are analyzed in detail. But the good thing is good your products, how to push on to consumers, let consumers to accept? This is a huge problem.

smart router’s road to the future? Who can get to the Internet from intelligent routing? Everything is still unknown! there are a lot of trouble.

first, technology is not mature, direction, unstable

a few big domestic leading Internet company, the intelligent router so long, is still in the stage of engineering machine, the technology behind the shortage is a big problem.

the technology problem is not merely a simple research and development. Where the future technology development? Use what operating system? Choose what architecture?

these initial direction problem, is really a headache, first choose mistake can be fatal. There are openWRT, directly based on Linux development two direction, a close to the traditional router system, a more close to the server system. The future in order to provide more powerful server, who good who bad not ready. Other open source systems and international companies on the market, with technical advantage competition is a question.

with TV box integration intelligent router in the future? A question will be shattered the original architecture thinking. Whether there is a people adapted to android.

everything maybe. But good router is born 24 hours start demanding requirements, makes some choose to narrow.

second, uncertain product shape, trap many

as a problem, does the intelligent router TV box together? Or a subwoofer, universal remote control and so on.

if it is integrated subwoofer, universal remote control that kind of single function products, there is nothing to hesitate. As long as the good control costs.

but if you want to integrate the TV box? Want to know is a common router price low enough, don’t like feature phones can hold up the smartphone market.

plus TV box in the domestic product positioning is OTT STB, legal restrictions. Integration of intelligent router in the name of the router, TV box is very strong, very likely.

and TV box is a kind of ecological system, and intelligent router has many back. Without considering other technical problems, can say is good in the near future consolidation, may not be in the future.

third, price and popularity

has been mentioned above, the ordinary router now price is as low as 50 yuan or so, and a smart router?

millet just in the official “leak” their own price is 1099 yuan. Although contains a price as high as 800 1 t of the hard disk, but normal and how many people buy so big so your hard disk?

even if millet is deliberately raise the price, the real price is slightly lower than the price of the hard drive. But apparently it is a high-grade product, and emphasized the Internet mass of users.

users is too small, will greatly reduce the subversion of the product effect, makes the intelligent router in a very long period of time, is “want to have to beauty”.

want to know what is a smartphone in domestic advance for so many years, the market is weak, he really reverse effect.

of course smart routers can also be paid on ecological, developed markets in Europe and the United States to promote, so it can live very good, very moist. But it is also extremely ideal scenario.

smart battlefield router how many people are playing, be like IOS and android quickly establish the pattern? The next two years will be intelligent router market extremely chaotic period.

who can the last laugh?