Intelligent router name is too LOW, but in fact, I do many things

hunting cloud network on April 21

up to now, most people don’t know why this intelligent router “broken”, think it is a fool concept to pit the capital market, this includes a large number of the personage inside course of study. Don’t look at good voice abounds.

we old hunting, zhai said intelligent router does have two brushes, only strange name too LOW!

intelligent router function key is not in the routing

smart router many people don’t understand, bad is bad on the name “router”. People have been entangled with: “the router which can play a more than ten years without touching thing flowers?” . But in fact the router is just part of his function.

as now has upset the smart phone, mobile phone function is just part of it, the more is the function of micro computer, only the necessities and developed based on mobile phones and so called smart phones, good let people use it as a mobile phone for consumption.

smart routers, gateway function is it the basis of the development function, rather than the core functionality. Its market prospect is: family essential router can be attached to the people, the most cost-effective integration of other family function of hardware facilities, forming a new ecological.

a ecological immediately on the tall, domestic Internet companies, of course, very excited!

ecological low-end server will be its core platform

smart routers actually with smart phones are very much alike. Only one is based on the wireless gateway, low-end PC functions and development; One is based on cable gateway, is, of course, the functions of the bigger the hour, that is, the low-end server capabilities.

routing gateway functionality has less imagination space, is at best like mobile 2 g, 3 g, 4 g such rate and increase the global infrastructure services, is a kind of basic services, will not leave in the development of the overall technology environment. But also attract people upgrading the source of power, so it is a basic function.

low-end server functions are different! Server as the Internet the most important, the back-end data storage and processing side, the core resource, to control the Internet content. Because of the data processing on the server, the server and storage interface, to make you look “esoteric” smart phones, PC, has an unexpected features.

and intelligent router a low-end server capabilities, has brought great Internet pattern of new subversion.

for example, take advantage of smart routers store, in which the development of video processing, call API, to be able to carry more lightweight smart phones, TV, binding their app in a specific function, is likely to change the existing video industry pattern.

as the natural entrance of user traffic, the router has a lot of the subversion of the capital. At the beginning of the intelligent router is not yet fully formed, people really hard to understand, but that for the industry, is a huge opportunity.

smartphones as a front end to provide users with a variety of experience, making it into a perfect platform jobs, triggered a subversive. In most front end associated app experience, we can’t see behind the solution, is the foundation of the intelligent router subversion.