Intelligent vehicle Skylock: to guard against theft, accidents can also automatically call for help

tencent technology Wang Zhong wan San Francisco on May 25

at Boeing as an engineer Jack o slip (Jack Al – kahwati) of transportation tool has been of great interest. Originally from Mexico’s Gerald dopamine pita (Gerado Barrpeta), is making intelligent bracelets Jawbone electronic engineer. The combination of the two people will be collision out sparks? The answer is: intelligent Skylock bike lock.

they founded the company two years ago Velo Labs, joining a Startup fusion, originally wanted to research and development of electric bicycle, then decided to shift to the bicycle related products. CEO jack o slip up to accept tencent said in an interview with science and technology, “the idea is that we have no way to easily share the bicycle with other people, so I decided to develop intelligent lock.” The initial prototype of intelligent bicycle lock, got the second prize in the contest, let them feel the bicycle market share deep potential untapped.

to ride a bicycle from the simple transportation concept, into a healthy lifestyle, the bicycle community growing in recent years, also advocated to ride a bike to work day, Skylock also ride this wave agitation. Though many cyclist common troubles: afraid, afraid of their own bike was stolen accident.

OnStar of bicycle accident for help system

smart lock can detect speed, the owner can meet accident timely help. Provided (Velo Labs)

this is jack o slip to mention two points first in the development of the intelligence of Skylock U lock’s centre of gravity.

jack o slip to ask a friend to ride a bicycle when out of the accident, the injured head lose consciousness, due to the scene of the remote, lying in the valley passing several hours to be found. This experience let jack o slip with this product in the original design, as the security key development.

smart lock itself is equipped with speed detection meter (accelerometer), unexpected, Skylock can detect collision speed, slip o jack said, “we will also detect your phone whether to have the same impact velocity, in order to decide whether really accident,” sure, mobile phone automatically notifies the user preset three relatives and friends, let them know you accident.” In order to confirm that an accident, can view the collision of the top 20 seconds, control your mobile data, infer the owner is doing at the time, cycle, parking, and walk. If at that time, 20 miles per hour, suddenly static, can reasonable speculation is cycling. If the top 20 seconds is motionless, so may be you stop was hit by a person, or a bump on the car after being.”

products is also the thoughtfulness. CTO Gerald dopamine pita said, in order to avoid unnecessarily bother emergency contacts with a small. Phone will initiative to send a message to ask whether the user is ok, if the user in a certain period of time did not reply in a timely manner, cell phone will automatically inform the contact person, so you can try to reduce the false alarm.

share information about intelligent lock anti theft

if someone want to attempt to pry car lock, Skylock will automatically notify the owner. Provided (Velo Labs)

Gerald dopamine pita, said Skylock itself is a very solid U lock. On the market about ninety percent of the u-shaped mortise lock is only one card, the thief as long as the cut side can open, but there are two CARDS tenon Skylock, need to cut open at the same time two head to open smoothly, let the theft not that easy.” This means that the thief had to spend twice as much time to steal your car, during this period, Skylock has found someone stealing cars, at the same time send a message to inform you immediately.

if the bicycle was stolen, as long as the user return stolen, intelligent lock out signal automatically, as long as there are other Skylock user after the stolen bike nearby, the owner will be notified, tell you where to find the stolen bicycles, assist quickly recovered.

near can unlock

two founders said that the ultimate goal is to create a Shared community of bicycle. Provided (Velo Labs)

Skylock smart bike lock is another important feature, is through the automatic unlock phone bluetooth or WiFi reception. Jack o slip said originally set out to research and development products, found that the most heavy users rely on bicycles, is cycling express handed a personnel file package. These people need to the fastest speed to bike lock unlock, they found that the Courier will probably the key tied to the waist of scaling on the job card, or hung on the neck, but sometimes the keys fell into the ditch, unable to lock the car, can’t work, salary is immersed in a day.” We still have to take out a cellular phone from his pockets and feel that if the pockets after take out the key, is superfluous action.”

Skylock users can through the application at the same time, share intelligence lock passwords to other users, and set a time limit. Slip o jack said, “we sincerely hope to see the bike concept can popularization, anyone can share their bike, like reality.” Ultimately, manufacturing Skylock Velo Labs, is to make the bicycle master different pricing based on demand and location, will give their bicycle rental to people in need.

solar panel continuous charging

more interestingly Skylock also equipped with solar panels, is in charge of the development of the function of Gerald dopamine pita believed that each person with the more and more intelligent devices, need to charge equipment starts to increase. He pointed at tencent journalists wearing Jawbone intelligent hand ring, said that seven to ten days need to recharge, the downside is that if you don’t have electricity, which all of the information followed.

they further explanation, Skylock itself is not equipped with solar cells, but rather by solar panels to recharge the battery. An hour of direct sunlight, and can provide intelligent lock power required for a week; Each time each full battery, in the case of the completely without sunshine, can last for a month; Used in no case, the battery can last on six months, “so basically no charge.” Even if no battery, also provide Micro USB charging.

as everyone use mobile phones more and more long, the power consumption of mobile phones more and more quickly, on cell phone to unlock, if run out of battery, the car and locked, Skylock users won’t be there.

it will have on the side of the touch panel, by setting different gestures, can manually open the lock, even mobile phone no electricity don’t need to worry about.” We hope to borrow from cell phones to improve the user experience, but we don’t want to let users rely solely on a mobile phone.”

day has its own platform and the raise standard

Skylock through their platform for the raise a few days ago, less than 24 hours have raised enough amount, at the same time the ongoing C round of financing. Jack explained, raise hope to start their own communities, through the through the booking at the same time, can better grasp the amount of production required. Jack choose to use your website to the raise, rather than other famous such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo raise website, BBS is hopes to create a user, at the same time there are more space for product details.

Gerald dopamine pita believes that this approach can communicate more directly with the user, in the process also have surprises, “many users expressed the hope that this smart locks can also be used on the bike or motorcycle, this is our unexpected. Perhaps now may not applicable, benefit is the technology behind all the same, just adjust the size, can easily reach the market demand.” Even a musician, he said, reflect the product is suitable for large instrument with lock box, “they said, because go out to play, Musical Instruments are often stolen, this smart lock is very useful to them. Our initial idea is to lock the bike, but you can lock the door, anything you think need to protect assets.”

Skylock will soon open apis to several key developers, “we hope to work with several applications of intelligent lock, connected to the Internet of other products, like smart watches, can immediately notify users.” The most important thing is that we produce this product, can let the world become a Shared the bicycle community.

Skylock retail for $249, is now open to booking a price is $159, send products is expected to begin in early 2015. Intelligent bicycle lock manufacturing in China, the Velo Labs also hope it will help them reach the manufacturing products in the Chinese market.