Intelligent wearable devices will become the standard wet person in the future

According to foreign media revealed that Microsoft will launch its first intelligent dressing equipment, which is currently popular smart watches, this will be a built-in multiple sensor health bracelets, steps can track, heart rate and a variety of data such as calorie consumption. With Google Android system, samsung Gear Wear watches and apple released by similar products to compete in the future.

smart wear equipment into foreign hot

Gopro is a representative in the field of wearable sports equipment company, its shares listed in the United States a few days ago, listing only several trading days, closing on July 1, is scheduled for $48.8, $24 surged 103% from its initial public offering. Gopro can drive A shares jumped or related stocks. It, according to the prospectus GoPro camera sales and sales market in the United States are at the top of the list last year, the data to let people see clearly wearable sports equipment broad application prospects.

Gopro sport camera fashionable also led to its traditional camera sales. In recent years its sales have show explosive growth, from $64 million in revenue growth in 2010 to $2013 in 986 million, the cumulative sell 85 million sets of equipment, more than one third of the small camera market.

Gopro company’s wearable camera camera is small in size, light weight, and very durable, can be used in all kinds of extreme sports environment, including diving, sky diving, rock climbing, surfing and so on, its professional hd image acquisition technology to become the biggest highlights of the company’s products. Gopro actively pioneering spirit also guarantees the product sales. At present the latest generation product HERO3 not only waterproof, shockproof, more can directly connect the wifi, through the mobile terminal display and video sharing. Under the frenzy driven apple iPhone App, through the application of mobile phone to control the camera, let users can easily connect mobile phone and the camera, photographed by preview, upload content at any time. As apple, Google, WeChat open platform for third-party wearable sports equipment, such as the service interface, a growing number of equipment can be set directly through an open platform for intelligent products, and realize the display of user data.

the outbreak of the overseas wearable sports equipment to the related industrial chain has brought broad prospects. Upstream from the support reaction is the most active component manufacturers, including IC design, small size panel, RF, sensor and so on various manufacturers, both meaning, qualcomm launched specifically for wearable equipment solutions. From the downstream of the brand, a lot of small entrepreneurial company sales by Internet marketing model and positively.

smart wear equipment market potential is tremendous

ON World market research company has said in the latest research report, based ON the sensor and voice activation function of all kinds of smart watch will attract the attention of more and more users, and will be thoroughly from smartphones to attract the attention of the user. Smart watch will become the best selling goods in the future. Is expected by the end of 2018, the global smart watch will be sold in 330 million, more than 2013 years of less than 4 million yuan.

in the next five years, the world all kinds of wearable smart devices will be sold in 700 million, the annual market scale will reach 47.4 billion dollars. Like smart watches, smart glasses and personal wearable sensors such as consumer sales of smart devices will be much more than other sports and health class of equipment, in 2018 is expected to account for more than two-thirds of total revenue in such equipment.

in to 2018 in this period of time, intelligent hardware revenue to account for such equipment for most of the total revenue, but the monitoring service, mobile applications and subscription service revenue will be rapid growth.

ON World company also surveyed the 1000 online consumers, the survey found that the smart watch is the most willing to buy consumer comments wearable smart technology equipment. And health tracking devices are consumers hope to popularize in wearable intelligent device as one of the most important function. ON World according to the survey, about 38% of the possible buyer wants to use wearable intelligent devices to track health and physiological functions such as data (such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc.).

in October, apple will launch the smart watch iWatch, there must be many users will choose the intelligence of the apple brand watches. In 2013, the global intelligent watch market top five best-selling business are respectively, Pebble, SONY and samsung, Nike Garmin. At present, there are more and more new manufacturer into wearable intelligent equipment market, including LG, MOTOROLA, nissan and so on.

consumers may for smart watches the price of some fantasy, especially those who are configured to measure physiological data of sensors smart watch. About 40% of the users are willing to support the cost of $99 or more to buy a integrated measuring blood pressure, heart rate and tracking sensor, and other functions of intelligent watches, while only 8% of users willing to spend $299 or higher fees.

in the future of smart wearable devices of users, the female users will be the main drivers of smart watch sales, they also will be the first to buy smart watches powerhouse. Smart watches and wearable smart devices have for the integration of technology and fashion industry provides opportunities to watch, and such integration would promote women become the main push smart watch sales rise early. In fact, women users, especially the mother’s users has become the current wearable health intelligent equipment of active users.

in the near future, intelligent wearable would be a piece of the red sea, silence for a long time in the domestic market of mobile phone giant former MOTOROLA, also hope in recent launch of the moto360, baidu, 360, huawei, cool, and other enterprises have also launched smart watches, companies like asustek, meizu and millet the forthcoming intelligent wearable devices, in addition, there are a large number of domestic companies aimed at the intelligent wearable market innovation, this also means that competition will accelerate the wearable device in the future. Like most industries, every core industry exist a long tail, a long tail of every node, is a niche market, for the intelligent wearable equipment industry in many small and medium-sized enterprises, adapt and find their own positioning and value, is the key to survival.