Interest in stages, with the campus market to push tiejun, tens of millions of dollars to B round of funding

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students do early to overdraw their credit consumption, the demand is actually, but has not been satisfied. The most suitable credit card business, because the students’ ability of debt, has been can not get a wide range. Credit card also only a few people all vice card.

ordinary mass consumer groups, if they want to advance consumption, can choose to boring stage. Current interest in installment has completed the B rounds of tens of millions of dollars in investment, this round of investment Capital from source code (Sourcecode Capital), the former Goldman sachs Asia President Thomas Chan, founded by Singapore private consortium (Golden Summit), as well as the blue Ventures (BlueRun Ventures) three institutions joint Capital injection.

interest in installment, founder of to buy the original good joy, vice President of amith jj. Interest in installment of an angel round by the plum flower of venture investment, A round by blue chi venture capital investment.

actually boring stage model is very simple, installment shopping + P2P network credit + campus part-time tripartite business platform. Students with interest in installment audit can be shopping, consumption amount in interest in installment site behind the money actually by boring stage of P2P network credit investors to bear, and the revenues they borne by the buyers to students, interest in installment. Students can be boring recommended by part-time to get funds to repay.

as a result, students want to through the credit guarantee in advance of goods, the P2P network investors get students to repay the loan interest income, obtain repayment by part-time students. Everything looks very good, but just have the following questions.

students market as so big? The early interest in installment of the main shopping for 3 c products, has now expanded the category, including travel, shows, beauty makeup, and other categories. But, after all, staging this model was to pay interest. Early overdraft credit consumption pattern is great, but the reason of college students will still have other channel choice. Or parents, or part-time, jingdong ious, installment purchase Tmall, if large institutions to enter the market, interest in installment will be how to deal with. Interest in installment, it seems, the rich product category to attract his target student user, is a kind of response.

here about boring stage in the future will be the key to form the campus to push tiejun, to extend 1000 people across the country to push the scale, the consumer credit market of students can’t pure line up to do. Interest in campus hire staff to review the credit status of the students want to go to the dormitory, fill in the details to checking. In the screening of campus user this piece, was the first to push people grasp of the audit risk. If the user’s default, boring stages the first way is to give investors mat endowment, and then recommend students part-time job.

so the above said campus part-time third-party platform is more just after the default offset method, on the platform of part-time work in a the above recommended, boring stage is still in the early.

the campus market to push the team interest in installment is a barrier to heavy business. In general, if the key information students cultivate your user base, even be a good market.

boring stage
Time: March 2014
Company: Beijing happy times technology development co., LTD.

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