Internet entrepreneurs convention, I observed

hunting cloud network editor (who 闫森)

a meeting, anything really didn’t listen to how many bosses, doesn’t like to listen to, mainly through their speech to people’s interests. Small team on small firms, on the WaiWeiZhan hard propaganda, got well. But all draft does not forget to dig Wells, still want to thank the support of tencent, host of the conference.

summarize the assembly window

conference window: tencent launched its “troika” strategy, as an important layout tencent on the mobile end. Team meeting, tencent products introduction, “troika” tencent cloud, application of treasure, broad points. Objective: through product aggregate resources to build mobile business ecology.

details, tencent cloud: strengthen the cloud service ability, provide entrepreneurs with cloud, the cloud data, cloud cloud operations such as integration services; Application: enhancing the application distribution ability, help entrepreneurs to touch more users; Wide click-through: improved mobile marketing to liquidate ability, ensure the income of the entrepreneur and the long-term development.

this congress, in addition to tencent’s product introduction, booth outside have many startup product display. Including, mobile Internet industry, intelligent hardware industry, enterprise cloud service industry such as the majority of start-ups, remove floor, conference outside are also particularly lively. Their entrepreneurial zeal and show to make their products more exposure to display.

careful people can pay attention to the conference, the conference are invited before traditional media and new media, the conference also invited industry since the media people at the same time. Since the development of media industry in the media alliance WeMedia obtain financing, influence and power increased the more in the industry. Believe in the future, since the media transmission and coverage of the meeting will be a unique new forces. In the industry.

the existence of the local station to start a new life.

the impact of the mobile Internet, let many rely on advertising alliance personal webmaster day you eat more and more difficult, but there is always a smart webmaster choose transformation, do micro letter. Local community is also under the impact of the mobile Internet, began to speculative reflection. Exploring the path of the mobile Internet, pay alone. That are worth noting is that it is the focus and an industry, focus on doing vertical product or industry web site alive. Unavoidably sigh, Internet industry stream swells, tide of yongli leather enterprise is own life. If wait until being revolutionary, may be late. The Internet is not easy, and line and treasure!