Internet giant new battleground: siege of rural economy

cloud network hunting note: I do not know when to start, including taobao, jingdong, dangdang, electric business platform as collective as company good paint the walls in the countryside, has for many years to see the banner to appear on the back wall of the house in the countryside, the slogan content and often appeared on the wall in the 90 s “to get rich, first build roads” content such as a spell, electric business platform is falling in love with paint the walls and wildest dreams. Hunting contribute Wang Jiwei cloud network readers believe that electric merchants paint the walls and look very good, in fact distance really realize the electrical contractor is far.

electric business platform to brush wall marked the electric merchants began to value the rural market, but just paint the walls and can solve the problem of rural practical electric merchants landing? Obviously, this is impossible, a factor does not have the Internet environment cannot rely on a few slogan can enter the age of the Internet, so the electric merchants paint the walls and look very good, in fact distance really realize the electrical contractor is far.

although distance is very far away, but the Internet enterprise always like the circle of people first, then make money work, the surface looks not smoke, but the electric business platform has been ZhanKan siege battle for the rural market.

taobao, the county government laid siege to the rural economy

“life want good, hurriedly on taobao,” this is the paint the walls and the slogan, taobao has always been adhering to ali want to build a harmonious shopping ecological ideal, the ideal has geared to the needs of the rural economy. July 3, alibaba have a “the first Chinese county economy and e-commerce summit”, the national 26 provinces and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, 176 wing leaders gathered in alibaba hangzhou xixi park, these people have known for its electricity, also have interested in electricity, and promote the local agricultural and sideline products and the county culture, and in some places even attend.

it should be said that these leaders on the attitude of the electricity is active, and a significant proportion of all reap the benefits of the electricity. As the rise of a fresh electricity, taobao and day cat to produce electricity increases the support dynamics, taobao’s local characteristics pavilion with day, the cat’s meow fresh is its representative. In addition to these, of course, there are more features, such as land contracting, etc. Ali in venturing into the biggest moves should be on July 10, alibaba group launched channel sinking strategy, taobao, Tmall electric city, bargain, combined, with the help of a rookie network platform of logistics standardization service, mobile phone taobao qr code code and purchasing, etc., first introduced the standardization of the most widely coverage products electric door delivery, electricity to more than 2600 counties, more than half a village.

ali can see this huge market, rural economy but rural Internet environment was palpable, even if the latest data show that 20% of online shopping the crowd is rural people, the number is too little for rural. Want to change people’s electricity will change the local electricity environment consciousness, there is no doubt that taobao is clever, select counties leadership as electrical contractor to develop a target, understand the electrical business leaders can promote the development of local villages and towns in rural electricity, is easier than taobao directly into the countryside.

jingdong: channel sinks into the farmer convenience store

have to say, jingdong’s growth is rapid, whether logistics system or online integrated ability, the sense that gives a stranger is a very pragmatic jingdong. In taobao, paint the walls and at the same time, jingdong also not idle, jingdong paint the walls and the slogan is “get rich by labor, thrifty by jingdong”, compared to the 90 s popular “to be rich, have fewer children a variety of tree” slogans, such as whether have the same effect? Friends saw here may laugh, also can see from the jingdong signs the pragmatic spirit of jingdong.

I paint the walls and can reflect the thought of electric merchants advance into the countryside, but if you want to put in place and really quite a long distance, for electricity, the rural culture “electric commercial shopping habits, or directly to develop” electricity companies sell things “thinking, need to measure the two points. Slogan can see jingdong is obviously want to let more rural people through jingdong this electric business platform for business, directly to the rural instill jingdong can sell the agricultural products, than the correct cognition of jingdong 3 c electronics products more directly.

in fact, jingdong play is “both hands to hard”, “m convenience store” policy has walked into the rural areas, such as luq company new town village in hebei province, the original small supermarket store above, brush on the lake blue “good folks 365” logo, this new rural standards of convenience store is jingdong new service platform. The convenience store not only provide more kinds of fast moving consumer goods, realize the small handle card withdrawals, savings, and digital products, sales of agricultural materials, and with a farm house, social services, such as labor recommended that means jingdong rural lands, who didn’t want to jingdong introduced “m convenience store” program was thinking of the rural market, it is no wonder that jingdong will channel sinking as jingdong in 2014 one of the most important group strategy.

baidu: Internet thinking “against” university student village official

in the paint the walls and the list of enterprises haven’t baidu, baidu, after all, not electric business platform, but almost is well known as the search engine baidu, so baidu did not choose to paint the walls and route. Not known to all, for the rural market, baidu is the first action, baidu launched in May this year “golden phoenix” plan, the content of the plan is 30 games in 2014 in the Internet marketing training, covering 3000 college students village officials; For pilot rural free construction site, supporting the promotion of rural industry and the characteristics of agricultural products. Actually, the important content of the “golden phoenix” program lies in the search marketing experience into the fields, directly to farmers to carry out the informatization training; And also, in the center of the website set up search marketing to help farmers to solve the drug problem.

to viagra, this plan is basically a “loss-leader” approach, but the focus is on Shouting, this is the word of mouth effect. Guide college students village officials with Internet thinking, and at the same time, college students village officials cannot solve the problems can be included in the search marketing to help farmers center, also offers its content at the same time, we should know the fields connected with search engine is a what concept, immediately have a sense of science and technology on the tall, at the same time, college students village officials are full of blood, the younger generation is to be able to really work.

to change environment to change thinking, start from the people’s thought and the idea of ali, but more to the countryside to carry out the baidu approaches, while baidu search itself without electricity business ability, but baidu’s website more accord with O2O such forms as glutinous rice is one of the Internet thinking be born in the countryside. Agricultural products sold in the form of group purchase, for baidu with day, the cat was getting into the effectiveness of rural, search engine changes the rural environment, group-buying model to help agricultural products marketing, this point is very good.

more platform is about to move into rural economy

in the event of a paint the walls, dangdang also serves as one of the characters, the slogan “townee see townee, shopping to dangdang,” the slogan in meaning than taobao and jingdong signs reflect deep, suggests dangdang with big platform market determination to compete for a place in the countryside. In fact, such a big market without competition, each platform will be able to rely on their own advantages in part of the man’s head will do the trick.

these when it comes to electric business platform of sinking, relevant information reflecting the next with the aid of sinking strategy to enter the rural market will be su ning and Vipshop, two platforms a recent promotion to the mainstream electric business team, the other is a supermarket, platform of all varieties, to enter the rural market nature is very urgent. Now have in front of a few big platforms, then definitely not the two electric business platform, especially su ning has begun to rare electricity, into the rural economy is a matter of sooner or later.

in addition to the above several platform, the logistics of the optimal motion after other stores will enter the rural market, hey guest can project since carried out in the city, nature also can be in the countryside, is said to be China post with strong regional coverage have been trying to rural electricity. At present, Chinese logistics coverage is only post can reach the town village, other private express basically do not have rural network, the rural market boom, the express business must start attaches great importance to the urban and rural areas, the logistics of electricity traders will enter the rural market.

there is a force to be reckoned with in the local government to promote the electric business projects, mainly on the basis of product resource of production base, a lot of places, once there are many electric shang village, at present, the electricity project, driven by the government, is the main part of the farm produce electricity, because is with local characteristics, so a more broad space for development. Cheerful voices projects, such as zhejiang local condenses the local government of hard sweat, is this let Mr. Ma also favourably.

limited to space, this article is to here, about the current major platform into several ways of basic rural economy has finished, to be sure of each platform resource advantage is different, so the cut way also is not the same. , no matter in what way is to enter the rural market share, but the rural economy is not achieved overnight, at present several big platform has made a preliminary attempt, as to how the later development, depends on the platform in the case of a change of rural electricity environment.

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