Interview everyone game CTO: under the “secondary” how to adjust

the game everyone was as pages of the largest platform, carrying Chen, after the renren city listed business dream again and again and again. But under the mobile trend shocks, but quickly left behind, a sharp drop in performance. After, business executives unrest after cut down and merge, all games began to secondary, walking in the stripping cocoon into butterfly experience on the road.

at present, the company is how to adjust? Then what are the strategies? Cloud network recent interview to hunting game everyone CTO Gu Lei, we learn to see part of the answer.

company why transformation blocked?

this problem are embodied in the renren and everyone game in the two pieces of business, similar paths. In Gu Lei view, for technology-driven research company, in front of the era of transition “ship big bad back”, made the common fault in the transformation of research and development.

background is at that time, everyone is originally is mainly based on the PC game, and the product is the basic research, periodic longer, but under the wave to the mobile Internet, the overall decision-making and products of the company failed to keep up with the pace of The Times. The original team of many do PC products and it is difficult to put off the original thing, to view the user to look at the market, this time they clearly can’t keep up with fashion.

in addition, the company since 2011, put forward the strategy of “more screen interaction”, in the now, is to readjust. Gu Lei view, the domestic environment more restrict the development of the product form. From the users despite this need but not a strong demand.

in addition, this mainly through channels in the country cooperative extension method is not appropriate, because a lot of channels only moving resources, or only the PC resource, and even the same internal mobile and PC unit is a powerful device. As a result, more interactive lack across a flat screen the lack of the survival of the soil.

Inside the

do you have any change?

now all games have gradually focus on the mobile terminal, and enable the new guy is responsible for the studio, expand distribution business, etc.

Gu Lei told hunting cloud network, the company has enabled a number of new game producer, the introduction of fresh blood and strength and leads to the transformation of the whole team has some, give old producer more pressure at the same time, they must be felt, to have a change in mindset.

in addition, before everybody game entirely from the research, development of mentality in a little bit lazy, slow transformation. Based on the problem, the company also introduced a large number of excellent games to do take issue alone, to do with r&d competition. So hope that through the introduction of new competition, introduced research and development issue, there will be some other competition pressure, forcing internal transformation of has a strong will.

the other it is understood that in 2014, all games will adopt the strategy of issuance and r&d 2:1 mode, the $10 million already agent products, products include multiple s-class and grade A game at home and abroad, the type of action RPG game, there is also A top domestic IP mmorpgs, is expected in Q4 this year or next year Q1 online. Everyone is game for example is now SquareEnix company reached cooperation with Japan, will be in China in Q4 launched a tomb raider whitebox handset card game.

how to layout the IP

starting this year, mobile game of the scramble for obvious IP has become increasingly worse. Gu Lei view, the recent IP may be fired a little, compared with the previous price to turn over a few times, one hundred times. Therefore, in this respect, everyone wants to do something different, game according to the care of ray, is to be more clever way to use the IP.

at present, all games have been since the grind, tomb raider game in the NBA, is with independent IP, line test is expected in the third quarter of the meeting.

external investment tour project hand

Gu Lei, said everyone game also has the investment funds, some games team, oneself also looking at some of the team, will also go to the investment cooperation, this is very open, do investment companies themselves, have the right vote.