Interview: the future of spring rain doctor ideal, balance the imbalance of health resources

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taobao a words: “kiss, give praise oh. Change to the spring rain doctors also became popular, change the words into the sentence: “pro, good oh, I wish a speedy recovery!

a few days ago, the spring rain doctor announced that completed the $50 million C round of financing, the money is the present domestic mobile’s biggest financing health care field. By cicc, shield Ann group’s mountain vc and temasek’s Pavilion do together, blue ventures after A and B round continue to throw millions of dollars. High finance, hunting cloud network doctor an exclusive interview with the spring rain.

on the spring rain doctors at present nearly 40000 online doctors, health problems of more than 50000 a day. to precipitate a batch of high quality patient answer data .

spring rain mobile health was founded in 2011, is a mobile health company, main product for the spring rains doctor App. Spring rain the doctor App core function of doctor-patient communication, users can find practitioners through mobile phone in a short period of time for remote online q&a. The doctor’s business development director interview, spring rain roommate told hunting cloud network, the spring rain mobile health has 30 million active users. women user account for a large proportion, the overall user age distribution in 25 to 45 years old. First-tier cities, the future aim to expand into lower-tier cities users in young adults.

the domestic current situation of the current medical everyone also know: medical resources nervous, the doctor-patient relationship nervous. The doctor gave an interview spring rain a their expectations, to do a force, let real can alleviate doctor-patient relationship. Their platforms in the spring rain to checks and balances the relationship with evaluation mechanism, the doctor to obtain the higher evaluation, relatively integral in cash, system will recommend degrees higher. the doctor side, 3 times unqualified, up and down from the platform frame directly .

the current resource of 40000 doctors, opened a doctor air clinic service accounts for 60%. in order to activate the enthusiasm of the doctors, the spring rain has subsidized a lot of money to the doctor . To move the doctor-patient communication platform, is not so easy.

in 2011, the spring rain doctors also had several rounds of products system perfect, from the very beginning of the two main business: the “symptom check list” and “your doctor” as the major questions of data increasing, to 2013 on-line doctor spring rain “patients comprehensive search engine” and “air” clinic service. Launched in 2014, is the spring rain commercialized, launch a membership service.

membership is actually let paying users have access to more professional medical services, Dr Subsidies money but also make up for the spring rain did not bring them the sort of itself should enjoy professional honor . But at the same time they also found that, after the launch charge members, good source less problem, spring rain to both doctors is the future of big data. So they put the former rules from ordinary users 10 days to ask a question to ordinary users can also in the case of free unlimited time to ask questions.

to data, the user’s medical data. Officer direction hunting cloud network said, data services will be a spring rain in the future the main strategic direction and liquidation channels . Their users for each spring rain doctors structures, personal health records. Actually look down you will find that the spring rain doctor’s biggest core asset is settle him on the platform of a large number of users personal medical information data.

in the present medical resource imbalance, spring rain the doctor will not help a lot, but they can make ordinary users through online solve some health problems, also eased the offline public hospital registration on indirect resources . As for the imbalance of medical resources, always distribution system.

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