Into electricity: southeast Asia to undeveloped market provide turnkey solution

in the southeast Asian market, mobile equipment has high penetration in all aspects of people’s life, and in the short term the trend will continue to remain the same. This case, e-commerce inevitably plan on the agenda. But how to store online will not be easy for the suppliers of southeast Asia.

from Singapore start-ups Globby – name Global balze Solutions are for the southeast Asian shop provides a simple and feasible electric business platform. Unlike Shopify, Magento, etc. Electric business platform, Globby provides highly localized support, and made a lot of tools for local suppliers. At present Globby has been through a series of activities in Singapore has attracted a lot of small shops and fashion designers.

Globby executives responsible for demand to expand the Pam, Wong said the company is very bullish on the electric business development of southeast Asia, and believe that Globby users will keep encouraging growth – nine months, has 100 shops on the platform of Globby build online stores.

Wong said that for many businesses, the most headache is no guarantee that the user browsing experience of online stores – after all, through the Internet can’t buy like stores through to promotional activities, provide guidance information, to persuade customers to buy, and so on. While many small electrical manufacturers is no brand awareness, so don’t know how to deal with this problem. In this case, they cannot continue to attract repeat customers, ensure users. And Globby platform will provide analytical tools, track store visitors browsing history and purchase preference, not merchants mail tool, for segmenting customers to send the activity promotion email.

, said Wong, Globby founded aim to help users to set up an online store.” We want to use to change the original business model in the form of electricity. Through Globby, we can be online stores as a tool of mobile marketing data, based on the background of technical analysis to help Globby users to better understand their customer, so as to make better promotion plan, make all your marketing more effective.”