Inventory: baidu from Google to dig people over the years

the author: the bowl of IT (micro signal: ITDEWAN)

after days of rumors, officially confirmed on May 17, baidu Wu En (Andrew Ng) will join the baidu, become the chief scientist, overall responsibility for baidu institute. Wu En is who? These years are from baidu Google hired what Daniel? Let’s do a inventory.

Wu En of

Wu En was born in Britain in 1976, has obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Carnegie Mellon university, Massachusetts institute of technology graduate degree, and doctorate at the university of California, Berkeley. He is a famous online education platform, co-founder of Coursera, with more than 100 colleges and universities of 600 Coursera courses, 7.1 million users.

in 2011, he became Google machine deep learning project (alias “Google brain”) one of the founders of known as the “father” of Google brain.

Wang Jin

Wang Jin graduated from China university of science and technology of computer science and later obtained a master’s degree in computer science at the university of Florida. He in silicon valley companies since 1991 served as technical and management position, including oracle, informix and E – Loan, etc. Office in 2000, he returned home, senior technical director of alibaba, EBay, general manager of the CTO and r&d center in China, and then as a Google vice President of the China academy of engineering. On April 15, 2010 to join baidu, vice President of technology, promoted to senior vice President in December 2013.

jun liu

jun liu has a bachelor’s degree in radio engineering from fudan university, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stevens institute of technology. He works in the U.S. headquarters of Microsoft, for 11 years, including software development manager, director, etc. After joining Google, Google vice President of the China academy of engineering and technical director of global engineering. After Google out of China, he led a group of team members in June 2010 set up a time. In February 2011 to join the people search as chief scientist. In September 2013 he officially joined baidu, served as vice President of technology, responsible for the operation of baidu’s technology strategy board.

alex cheng

alex cheng, who received a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the university of California, Berkeley, and Stanford university master’s degree in computer. Between 1994 and 2007, he in alibaba, oracle and other companies for a number of technical and management post. In September 2007 to join Google China, President of Google China academy of engineering technical director. In May 2010 to join baidu, it is Google out of China, following the Wang Jin after another to join baidu Google technology executives in China.

other people

yu, NEC research institute in the United States served as head of media analysis, the current the executive vice President of baidu deep learning institute (IDL).

xu, former Facebook, a senior scientist, presently for baidu brain “outstanding scientists.

Zhang Tong, New Jersey state university professor of statistics, a former IBM T.J.W atson institute researcher and a researcher with the institute’s chief yahoo.

Wu Ren, heterogeneous computing expert and former chief software architect, AMD heterogeneous system, in baidu IDL as “outstanding scientists”.

from left to right are yu, xu, Zhang Tong and Wu Ren