Inventory: tencent invested overseas companies?

recently, there was a news flash sales web site overall may be failing abroad. If ordinary Chinese readers have any reason to care about Fab, probably is because the domestic IT industry giant tencent is one of the company’s shareholders. In recent years, tencent expanding overseas investment, according to Mr Lau, President in 2013, according to the scale of about $2 billion. Now let’s take a look, hunting cloud network compiled tencent threw those foreign companies over the years.

Activision Blizzard, Activision Blizzard)

although looked from the scale, blizzard is the industry giants, but for game players in China, is well known in October 2013, dominated by activision blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, for $8.2 billion, activision blizzard from major shareholders French vivendi successfully redeemed, became an independent company. Behind this means Kotick ASAC II LP investment group, one of the members of the tencent deal activision blizzard, a 6% stake. At that time the most media attention on the number of the third party may be operating in mainland China the netease blizzard games. Fortunately, netease and activision blizzard’s contract until 2015, I do not know when the acquisition will play its continued influence.

Riot Games

nowadays is the most popular online game, I’m afraid the hero alliance (LoL). As early as 2011, tencent disclosed in the third quarter earnings, it cost $231 million in cash, buy the game developers Riot Games, namely the producers of LoL. After completing the deal before the deal has a 22.34% stake, has a 92.78% stake, Riot basically become a subsidiary of tencent. For this, LoL players have no secret.

is different from blizzard, tencent relies on shareholder status duly made the distributorship LoL. As LoL becomes one of the success of free online games in the world, as a big shareholder and operator, tencent already rich. It was $231 million takeover, meaning now immeasurably.


Epic Games is the world’s leading digital Games and interactive technology developers, founded in 1991 in the United States. Famous computer game Unreal (Unreal) and “Unreal Tournament (Unreal Tournament)” series is the Epic works. The Xbox 360 game developed by Epic “War machine (Gears of War)” has become the era of host 3 class a new starting point of the work.

tencent in July 2012, $330 million deal to buy Epic issued share capital of 48.4% of the shares. This even more than the amount of Riot. General comment is that tencent in the Epic of investment is the technology strategy, do not expect Epic can direct revenue. Tencent really need Epic, is a engine research and development ability of the whole platform.

Kakao Talk

tencent’s most overseas investment in the gaming industry, but its ambitions are not limited to, of course, the game. In addition to recently mentioned Fab, another important acquisition outside the game industry is South Korea’s instant speech application Kakao Talk. As early as 2012 tencent announced first quarter earnings, earnings will disclose the tencent to “Han Guowei letter” KaKaoTalk invested 403 million yuan, for KaKaoTalk 13.84% stake, tencent is currently the second largest shareholder.

from a functional perspective, Kakao Talk is a “micro letter” in the Korean version. Tencent why want to buy? One view is that, the successful experience of this with KakaoTalk in mobile gaming platform. KakaoTalk in July in 2013 launched a mobile social gaming platform to try – and KakaoTalk Game, because the friends can play games together on the KakaoTalk, the user’s response is very warm. ‘s chosun ilbo newspaper quoted an insider as saying: “they get popular in South Korea Kakao Talk is the purpose of service experience.”

below is last pingwest diagrammatic form analysis of tencent overseas strategic layout:

according to other sources of information, tencent in the games industry investment of small projects there are:

snapchat: a very fire burn after reading the application

weebly: platform, ordinary people, whether civil servants or sales personnel, as long as the drag on the interface module.

Everyme: using the mobile phone address book to create different personal social circles, to share life with. Tencent is involved in seed investment, level of recently brought in millions of us dollars of A wheel. This is the Y Combinator company training camp in autumn of 2011.

cyanogen: an open-source android ROM

ano: based on social network information “human flesh search engine”, Y Combinator 2012 spring training camp.

Raptr: used for game players based on game content and experience sharing, interactive, and found that social networking platform.

Sonalight: free voice messaging tool. Members of the Y Combinator 2012 spring training camp.

RunWilder: mobile game character image makers, the cartoon image can be built in different games, into a different story.

Waddle: real-time albums sharing tools.

Pair: American couples social network, tencent, together with other seeders.