Inventory: the cow force startups in shenzhen

cloud network hunting note: apart from tencent, huawei, zte investment vanke oct along abundant foxconn peace and so on the card company in shenzhen, shenzhen in each field, the TMT and other high-tech industry, in particular, there are many low-key but cow force of the company or entrepreneurial teams. These companies, have you heard of some possible in your industry, some may have heard of, you’re not because they are too low, don’t even know their internal staff, his company has so much.

shenzhen is a city should, is full of fake, hence the name village. Must say is a village in shenzhen are all right, but at the same time, shenzhen is also the most innovative city, from a number of patents every year, to the quality and quantity of innovative companies, shenzhen is a standard form of design and innovation.

(the cow force in no particular order)

fast sowing

in the heart of a lot of people, although quick sowing died, but does not affect the coolest company in the heart he is a generation.


shenzhen silicon recursion technology co., LTD.

shenzhen natural is the birthplace of gen and intelligent hardware, there is one hour economic circle of the world’s most comprehensive hardware, from design, look for a person to, components, to open mold, small sample and small batch at the end of the production, almost within an hour’s drive of shenzhen all done, thus gathered a lot of foreign Maker, here is more like silicon valley than silicon valley. Near huaqiang north, entrepreneurship, and deep, and science and technology park, near a circle are known, but the outside companies know SeeedStudio is one of China’s world-class customer open source hardware service provider, does not need the electronic circuit and the development of professional knowledge, have a good idea as long as you can, spend a little money can achieve almost a creative hardware product small batch production. Its investment firewood space is also very famous in shenzhen.

pin state science and technology

pin handheld terminal equipment providers state science and technology is the Internet of things, its products are solved many industry sales, traceability and tracking, management, distribution and enterprise mobile applications.


big xinjiang science and technology

unmanned aerial images and system solution provider, 2013 that a fire news, science and technology park is filled with employees out of Mercedes, is the company. Its products are mainly civil and commercial, but there are a few for the military level. At present the country is open what was entered in the field of military power, so it is a very promising company.


electric technology

a electric technology and constructing some similar, but the electricity customers mainly, military and anti-terrorism forces overseas famous SWAT is a customer of electricity, its very NB battlefield of real-time image transmission technology, the author attended at the company headquarters, in addition to military grade market, high-end commercial electricity is on to develop overseas market. A report in xili white mans close, have an entire building is hidden, is also very low.

annual card online

daily turnover in 30 million, based on the Internet more credit to the pioneer in the field of accounting, strategic cooperation relations with more than 20 Banks, was built of workers and peasants and guangdong radio and television digital home cable TV network e-commerce payment platform operators.

Micro store

general filed a micro letter weibo open solution, you think of is hangzhou pocket, actually the shop, is China’s largest mobile terminal electric business solutions provider, has 4.5 million registered businesses, both the user and the size is far greater than pockets, once ali on micro shop interception, but in the end. Small shop is the municipal government of shenzhen city electricity company.


cloud to online

LightApp solution do one of the best companies, a recent hot friends of Victoria’s secret AD, is their technologies and solutions, LightApp cooperation with dozens of major brands, in the traditional boost brand in mobile Internet marketing is very bright eyes. The cloud to network business is APP production and outsourcing of originally, but LightApp suddenly let its force helicopter.


room of

room is a real estate integrated marketing services platform, more efforts to create a flow of information online and offline business flow seamlessly integrating, offer mobile room, B2C real estate websites, room more, business management system, etc., in July 2013, CDH venture capital investment of its 50 million yuan. Mostly from China’s real estate marketing company in shenzhen, many foreign companies are also in shenzhen cell division, to say the real estate marketing this concept was originally to shenzhen, Hong Kong and shenzhen to Hong Kong, so there are many dozens of small companies in shenzhen, but the real estate marketing operations all over the country.

dragonfly interaction

shenzhen dragonfly interactive technology is a mobile Internet education services, at present through “dragonfly school letter” mobile terminal product trial operation in shenzhen, already achieved 200000 offline users in shenzhen for three months, 20% of the overall market in shenzhen. Realized at the same time traffic through and new Oriental, xueda education, education and other education bond counselling agencies, has been to enter substantive operation stage.

fruitvale intelligence

shenzhen fruitvale smart is a smart home technology company, committed to the development of light series intelligent household hardware products and APP, products include intelligent light bulbs, intelligent socket, air detection and infrared controller and so on. Angel investment gooapple intelligence has available.

down technology

the company name is very interesting, the name of their products is more interesting, called liberation cup, do you guess what company is this?

liberation cup is a mobile phone in the beautiful bosom, domestic first against women abundance, personalized recommend appropriate underwear APP, and establish the cows break it off with Bra sister community organization.

cloud soft information

IMCC, online communication platform based on WeChat and QQ, China merchants bank WeChat ID services provided by its technical architecture and scheme.

biggest hobby technology

its AfterShokz is a bone conduction headphone brand, the product is small, but well-known in a particular population.

WiLink intelligent platooninsert

the built-in WIFI, is one of the control centre of future intelligent life, low power consumption of artificial intelligent control all in the home appliances, mobile cloud control appliance switch state. The price is very reasonable, 39, 49 and 59.

Micro ZhiYun technology

B2D service provider, providing a developer with the cloud real-time message system and the back-end cloud service.

home networking

is building a complete set of home networking intelligent life, science and technology and humanities perfect coordination.

take pat/aini kay technology

a carry take photograph of smart devices, can be used in outdoor scenes and indoor scene a variety of purposes.


in mainland China the first company to offer a microblogging service website, known as the Chinese version of Twitter. But stagnant for a variety of reasons, and is covered by a wave of weibo in the past, but this does not affect rice ever saw before weibo personal strategic value, since the media is still cool.


VIGO extremely small is also a product of profound innovation, can detect the user’s mental state, and provide all kinds of wearable remind service equipment, when you are weak spirit to give tips, and allow you to better coordinate the rest and work time.

black shark technology

only few games overseas payment solution provider in China, covering 116 countries overseas.

wheat open network

theme for fitness community based on the technology of Internet of things, although the Internet of things the word all rotten street, but still has a lot of highly innovative application was born in shenzhen.

OnePlus/one plus technology

OnePlus is a new smartphone development design company, main products for a mobile phone, brand shenzhen wan plath technology co., LTD.

branch TongXin city

IC electronic B2B electricity, is a traditional channel sales mode of IC electronic components of the disruptors, just a few short years time fetched tens of billions of electronic components for the industry to see the original mode of B2B electricity can also be used to do!

hot pepper phone

Internet smartphone brand, shenzhen letter era communication equipment co., LTD. Its products.

one hundred percent digital

shenzhen local mobile phone manufacturers, for baidu strategic investment, its 100 + custom mobile phone brand is more popular business mobile phone brands.

box payment

China Square, once an email made by Square, is now developing rapidly, and kara, brush and Qian Fang regime.

grace –

trade supply chain solutions provider, to do foreign trade and import and export of people could not have never listenned to yi tong, alibaba B2B business is China’s largest competitors.

beautiful skin send

cosmetics electricity, electricity micro letter first partner is beautiful skin send


smart watches too much, this is what I have tended to favor.


cow force shiny ring custom electrical contractor, in April 2014, received 30 million financing. After dating market is a very important market, Bloves based on shenzhen jewelry design and manufacture of champions league position among the top of the southeast Asia, whether can be the real leader of wedding ring custom electricity, wait and see!

soil and rabbit

the first furniture decorate household O2O platform, this is a typical southern China slow company, was founded six years, finally, in February 2014. 2014 B round of investment.


because of genomics, genetic research in China leads the world at least 5 to 10 years or so, genomics is one of the important leaders and organizers of the international human genome project.

no secret/no to find the net

its fist products without the secret, anonymous social leaders.

tai jie video

tencent company, provide OEM turn – key product solutions, provide interactive television operators operation and so on, its products are tai jie video, tai jie mobile phone remote control, etc. Ali investment Peel, 360 investment spring Onions, tencent’s video, thunderbolt and zte investment pearl net, visible TV games and applications for the future of the imagination is big enough! In addition, the experience of its founder, also worth taste.

hot mama help

the first hot mama communities, more than 2 million active users, is the new women’s fashion life and parents and the community.

collection of beauty, beauty make-up/technology

tencent system startup, beauty is a cosmetic comments on community interaction and beautiful skin hairdressing communication platform, also has beautiful skin hui, etc., is the first batch of WeChat electrical contractor to test the waters. Beauty’s CEO is a super intellectual and beautiful sister, tencent tourism product PM before.

wei feng network

fruit are the first community, home to the prison break.