Investment and financing events every week, still fire sale, travel less heat

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you glance Internet circles recently.

the domestic company

1, the installment shopping and investment banking platform “boring stage” for $10 m B round

boring stage ( was founded in 2014, is an installment shopping + P2P financial management platform for college students, interest in installment consumer service for college students across the country. The company has won $10 m B round of investment, but did not disclose the investor. Had fun in installment won A blue ventures millions of dollars to A round of investment, also won A li xiang, ucdos, shubin, Chen, Wu Shichun angel investment, etc.

2, hadad P2P travel company “travel” ten million yuan A round

travel ( was founded in 2013, is a P2P model of outbound travel services website, with half a customized line depth free travel booking platform, share tourist’s travel experience, etc. The company has obtained ten million yuan A round of investment, investment led by of plum, previously won A start-up workshop MaiGang angel investment.

3, mu ying electrical contractor “beibei net” obtain 150 million yuan investment

beibei net ( was founded in 2014, is a maternal and infant sale website, with the brand quality goods, exclusive discounts, flash. The company today announced a new round of 150 million yuan investment, the main capital injection to beibei net parent show electricity, ficus altissima, IDG capital and investment.

4 announced, hot mom send obtain 90 million yuan investment A round

hot mama remit ( was founded in 2011, is a maternal and infant sales site, every day on the web site to discount for selling point, the main limit set limit to sell 72 hours. The company has announced 90 million yuan A round of funding, softbank saif, Germany as capital, capital joint investment with A telescope.

5, IDG capital of ten million yuan A round of investment from the olive commune

olive commune ( was founded in 2014, is an urban blue-collar job oriented social APP, at present has not yet officially launched, company founder for the former vice President of zhaopin Zhang Tianxiong. The company has announced for IDG capital of ten million yuan A round of investment.

the foreign company

1, talent recruitment service Greenhouse received A $7.5 million investment

Greenhouse ( was founded in 2012, is A talent recruitment technology services provider, to provide corporate employers hiring target, source, interview questions, evaluation system to guide and other services, the company has received A $7.5 million round of investment, the Social + Capital Partner led, had won A $2.7 million in angel investment.

2, team travel service providers Groupize received A $2 million + round

Groupize ( was founded in 2009, is a team travel booking and travel management services, mainly to provide travel planner team hotel booking service, customers mainly for small hotel chains and independent hotels. Recently, the company completed A $2 million + round by Thayer Ventures and Golden Seeds joint investment.

3, house lease service RadPad received A $2 million round of funding

RadPad ( was established in January 2013, is a online rental services company, mainly concentrated in the Los Angeles area. A few days ago, the company completed A $2 million round of funding, by SG VC, QueensBridge Venture Partners, Social Leverage such as joint investment.

4, fashion personality electricity aggregation platform Garmentory won $118000 in seed funding

Garmentory ( was established in September 2013, is an aggregation of independent designers/characteristic shops electric business platform, directly to the customers establish direct contact with favorite designer/store. A few days ago, the company has just completed a $118000 seed financing, investment from satellites.

5, the real estate transaction website ZipMatch received $550000 seed investment

ZipMatch ( was founded in 2012, is a real estate websites from the Philippines, on ZipMatch, users can learn the local real estate information, and to give the user’s investment advice. The company has received $550000 seed Investment, by 500 Startups, IMJ Investment Group joint Investment. Reference IT orange

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