IOS 8 “smart home control application”, the iPhone family central station

, the opening of the apple WWDC 2014 next week conference iOS, 8 of which carried a “smart furniture control application”. Sources close to apple all want the future to the iPhone can be a user of smart home remote control, central Taiwan.

at present about 8 of the apple iOS exclusive smart home application details is still unknown. The FT reported, however, the application can use the iPhone to control home lighting system and so on.

the FT reported in the perimeter of a simple example: when the user enters the home (or close to a certain range), the corresponding intelligent household will automatically open. It is important to note that reported the application of comparable apple AirPlay, would seem to indicate that the smart home control application implementation, should depend on low power bluetooth, iBeacon or NFC connection mode, etc.

it is understood that apple will allow “Made for iPhone” of the third party oems, providing with the adaptation of smart home devices. Including Dropcam, Nest, Philips and other smart home producers, can be certified before docking with the iOS platform 8.

as physical extension of the concept of connected, mobile intelligent, apple also has to attach importance to smart home this new wave. Although LG and samsung have beat in succession, but this area is still in ignorance of wild state.

equipment, system platform, connection standard and want to gain a foothold in this field, the three variables, to master at least one. Fortunately, apple has iOS, this system is becoming a across a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, car, even the furniture of the big MAC platform.