IOS 8 “steal” the Android features?

Good artists copy, great artists steal. — Steve Jobs

WWDC14 conference, apple unveiled the iOS 8 of the veil. The new iOS adds many features, but understand Android friends will find these new features… Very familiar. Familiar to, as Android has over the years with these functions is proud.

smart input advice

(photo: iOS 8 virtual keyboard looks more similar and Android)

over the input method, word automatic associations suggest apple introduced the column. And this is the function of the Android from version 1.5. Android, of course, simply automatically according to the relationship between words suggest, the apple on the iOS 8 input method is said to be retrieved message content recommendations smart, “A or B” kind of questions provide A and B Suggestions for the user to choose from. Such as friend message you night watching a movie or dinner? Apple’s input method will automatically be given “the movies”, “dinner” and “not sure” intelligent input options. If good practical experience, it further on the basis of Android. Of course we are comparing apple’s official input method and official Google input method. But you want to know if there are numerous third-party Android input method to choose. This is what we want to say the second item…

third-party input method

(photo: even so similar to remind)

iOS apple released for the first time in eight strict control on the system input method, allows the user to input method to replace the official product developed by using a third party. This is also the function of the Android since version 1.5. WWDC apple also briefly illustrates the iOS version of Swype, this is one of the most popular third-party input method on Android. Android on another popular im Swiftkey also said it was for the iOS 8 development the new input method.

in the iOS before, third-party im embarrassed, can only exist as a separate application. The user to open the input method application, can only use the input method in the application. Flexy only can be used in Flexy App, for example, cannot be used in other applications. Flexy tried to through the API to bypass apple’s policy, but it requires a third party application developers to join in the application of the corresponding module.

systems level open to third-party input method, apple users will have a party. Do not change the system input method has been the iOS has been criticized, the important factors are also contributing to escape one of the motivations of the iPhone users. Android’s open to thriving innovation input fields, use or strange input method are ling lang see everywhere.

from left to right: Swype, 8 pen, Minuum, Dasher

even if users who do not use third-party input method could also benefit from this update. Because apple can observe what are the most popular third-party input function, and integrating it into the official input method. Just like Google official input method “copy” Swype sliding input.

communication between applications

(photo: Android can share list clearly much longer)

iOS 8 application from an isolated finally came out of the box. Apple in iOS 8 added with Android Intents system communication mechanism between the application and of course apple APIs have more restrictions. The past on the iOS edit a picture and sent to the process of Google + is this: edit and save the image first, then press the Home button to find and open the Google + app, open to upload pictures and find just save images. In Android, you only need to choose to share directly in photo editor to Google +. In the future iOS 8 should also can achieve similar convenient to share.

of course apple still does not allow a third party application is set to “default”. In Android, if you are free to take any kind of browsers, music players, maps, image editor etc set to the default. You still can only be used by default in the iOS 8 Safari, apple maps, etc. But who knows, maybe apple in the future will let go of the restrictions.

speech password, music recognition and dictation

(photo: Siri vs. Google Now)

Google released first Voice commands (Voice Actions), after apple released the Siri Voice assistant, after Google Google Now fighting back. Siri and Google Now compete against each other in continuous improvement.

since 5 on the Google Nexus Now the Launcher, Google tried voice password intelligent identification at the earliest. Users do not need to touch phone, as long as the phone said “OK” Google “will automatically open voice control. Now also have the similar product in apple’s iOS 8, that is “Hey Siri”.

intelligent voice command recognition means that the mobile phone’s microphone on standby, device to drive the hardware, also means more electricity. Google Now the Launcher and Google glasses only under the state of the screen to open intelligent identification. But Moto X recognition instruction under the screen does not open, thanks to MOTOROLA based on qualcomm chip made by 8 architecture, proprietary a low-power chips used in speech recognition. Although apple has M7 coprocessor, but that is used to control the sensor. So in the iOS 8 “Hey Siri” in the current iPhone only with charging time to use the phone. Of course we can’t rule out fall the possibility of a new similar processors in apple new phones.

8 speech recognition of another iOS update is joined the music provided by the partner Shazam recognition. Google released a voice search application as early as 2012, and integrating music recognition into among them for some time. Shazam, founded in 1999, is a leader in the field of music recognition.

in iOS 8, Siri has the function of dictation. And this is also a Google Now has the characteristics of early. Siri’s current dictation function is to record – hair apple server processing – will return.

Google Now is one of the important differentiation than Google apple project. Google owns all the property of Google Now services completely. While apple Siri is developed by a small studio, is controlled by various to apple collection of third-party services. From the Nuance Siri’s voice recognition technology; The above said, driven by Shazam music recognition; Most of the answer to the question from Wofran Alpha or Bing search. Control of Google Google Now offers a more coherent speech password and dictation experience. Essentially the speech recognition is part of the search engine, Google in this regard are leading are understandable.

notification bar shortcuts

8 notification center (iOS VS Android 4.4 drop-down notification bar)

the phone to a notification, then how do you deal with? Android starts from version 4.1 allows developers to customize two action buttons in the notice. Also means that users without open the application from the pull down the notification bar for quick operation. In iOS 8 apple joined the function, and the Android version.

in fact, some local apple farther than Google. IOS in 8 allows users to directly reply message in the notification centre, and Android users in PM messages will automatically open after the response in the notification bar application for reply.

notification operation button is a powerful tool. Google even created to inform API, allowing third-party application calls, it also provides the convenience for Android wearable devices. Notification and shortcuts can be easily pushed to carry Android Wear smart watches. See a text message notice on smart watches, click reply, reply voice dictation is a powerful experience. Don’t know how the future apple is going to? The legendary iWatch will have similar function?

Video preview


(photo: like Google Play, in the Appstore application introduction can also add video)

the apple directly Copy the Google Play application video preview function, application allows developers to upload a video to show a charming. Google has the world’s largest video site YouTube, it is worthy of network video, so as early as in 2010 Google Play also called Android Market was launched this feature.

Beta testing

as a network service company, Google loved Beta (think about how much our Gmail Beta years!) . So the Android is equipped with a very early beta testing system. Apple recently acquired a company called “TestFlight” test solutions, and its integration into the iOS plan. Developers can invite users to participate in the Beta testing and feedback after a Bug.

Widgets (Widgets)

(photo: iOS 8 widgets are put in the center of the notification, Android is on the table)

from the beginning of the advent of Android, Widgets is one of the differentiating features. Android can not only put the ICONS on the desktop, you can also put the application’s own various widgets. This function before apple seized and put in notification center, but limited to the application system. But in the iOS 8 finally open to third-party developers.

image backup and cloud storage

apple up to keep up Google’s role has been, is still in the iOS 8. WWDC up sell “you take all the photos, can now be synchronized to all your equipment”, but photos is Android already possess the function of the cloud synchronization. As users all over the world’s largest providers of cloud services, Google has been trying to make the user might move data from the local to the cloud, and cross-platform synchronous to the various types of equipment. Google’s Picasa have Picasa album online, this function has become a part of Google + Photos now.

further, the seamless connection between the cloud and local Android. All local store the pictures also in the cloud, the cloud pictures also quickly see locally. Users do not need to care about is stored in a picture.


apple services, as long as the “Cloud” (Cloud), we can find corresponding product on Google:)

CouldKit allows third-party developers to call up for certification, notifications, push and data synchronization. That developers can concentrate on local, entrust the apple processing server. Google Google Cloud Platform is provided from the message push until the level of IaaS Cloud services. Another Google solutions to help developers to easily cross-platform deployment, can be used for iOS, Android, and Web.

power information

(photo: similarity be clear at a glance)

new in iOS 8 points and application of the power consumption statistics. If you find the iPhone power consumption faster than before, then you can use this function to see what is used in the consume more power.

it’s hard to tell the electricity in the iOS and Android 8 statistics which is more attractive. The Android version is cool, more visual, but it only provides the last charge data so far. While apple provides 24 hours a day and 7 days of data in the past.

Google will be held in three weeks I/O to show off their new results. In view of recent time system development condition, if Google three weeks after the show of the new Android “steal” some of the features of iOS are not surprising. All the current science and technology based on previous technology. All companies, including Google and apple, also cannot avoid custom.