IOS system interface and exposure: increased number of new application

on April 19, several images of the so-called is iOS 8 system interface on the Internet, you can see from the photos that iOS Healthbook eight new health management software, intelligent Watch Watch management Utility, iTunes Radio, preview, text editing, Tips for app.

the first sina weibo users have revealed the iOS 8 interface, inside there are four application: health management software Healthbook, preview, text editing, Tips, its icon and Mac system, so the reliability is low. The latest photos show, in addition to the above four app, smart Watch Watch management Utility, iTunes Radio also join the iOS 8, before the exposure of four application ICONS also made corresponding change, integral style close to the iOS 8.

foreign media PhoneArena also think that this group of photographs credibility is higher, and collect the iOS 8 run on the iPhone, the spy, sharing interface also joined the Preview, TextEdit, Tips option.

according to previous reports, iOS is likely to be held in June 8 apple worldwide developers conference, as smart watches management applications Watch the Utility of the exposure, the arrival of the iWatch it is not impossible.