IPhone anti theft application Find My iPhone, but new tools into hackers hijacked users

according to the Sydney morning herald reported, many Australian Mac , iOS system users find their equipment was by Find My iPhone account lock, open the lock function called Oleg Pliss . Then these users were asked to certain PayPal anonymous accounts pay 50-100 $to “redeem” their own equipment.

according to apple expert discussions, the hacking began in 5 on 25 day. The user find their equipment is locked at the same time, according to the Find My iPhone mechanism, a hacker should be mastered these users up account information, information may come from other user accounts on the same password or derived from certain virus attacks.

hackers using Find My iPhone add password lock screen function for the user’s device, thereby locking device. If the user has set up a password lock screen on the device, hacking ranged attacks will not be able to pass the Find My iPhone function to lock the device.

locked account user must contact the company to solve related problems, in this, it is recommended that the reset device users timely modify Apple ID account password, and security issues, to ensure the safety of the accounts, and equipment.

prevention related situation, readers can take the following Suggestions:

set up a separate password

up , Gmail , Facebook account Settings the same password will make all account for the same risk. Different account Settings password helps differentiate risks. (the user can use the iPassword , etc.)

to two-factor authentication mechanism

including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Apple ID accounts are adopted a two-factor authentication mechanisms, such as in a fixed time for validation way to protect the safety of the user’s account. (recommend tools with Google Authenticator and Authy, or via text message to obtain validation.)

Set password lock screen or Touch


set separate password lock screen or Touch ID help prevent hackers ranged attack and locking device.

Via: 9 to 5 Mac