IPhone Vietnam sell like hot cakes: shame culture

guide language: Reuters published titled “the Apple performance in Vietnam” (Apple ‘s sales boom in us one) commentary said, although Apple’s iPhone is expensive, but in per capita income is not high in Vietnam is popular, this is mainly due to “face culture”. But at the same time, the trend also offered some counterfeit products.

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the apple half year’s sales jumped twice in Vietnam, the hottest market, making it the company its growth than even apple costly fighting for a share of India is four times higher.

apple executives almost did not mention to Vietnam in earnings, but on Wednesday’s earnings call, they are specially emphasized the country’s potential.

the iPhone in Vietnam’s quarterly sales more than doubled, and because the Vietnam young people advocating science and technology, more and more of the country’s rapid growth of Internet and the mobile phone market, combined with the middle class by 2020 is expected to double, so this strong growth could continue.

technology companies have sprung up, Vietnam has spawned the Flappy Bird “, a group of sell like hot cakes applications such as the originally unknown game now has become a global one of the largest mobile game downloads.

the Vietnam young people into the stores to buy the iPhone, although for them, the price is not cheap – the price of this phone is equivalent to half of the country’s per capita national income in 2012 – but they think it is worth.

“buy this cell phone cost me more than two months wages.” Vietnam civil servants Pham, 23, is My Linh said, “but I need it, when I am with friends and colleagues, it will make me more confident.” He has just bought an iPhone 5 payment.

is contrary to the strong demand, the country’s economic growth is still depressed, non-performing loan ratio high, businesses have closed down.

Vietnam’s economy grew by 5.4% last year, but economists believe that because of Vietnam’s population keep high-speed growth, and it has great potential for the retail and manufacturing, so the growth is flat.

however, Vietnam’s smartphone vendor has said, the pursuit of social status is a major cause of push the sales of apple products, prices, and a variety of pay packages can also help more people to afford the high price of it – an iPhone price is higher than most of the urban population in Vietnam a month’s salary.

this thirst for advanced technology is not only good for apple, the vast majority of smartphones and tablet computers company also can all benefit from it, including the HTC and samsung. Industry observers believe that growth is slowing in feature phones shows the country’s consumer desire for the new mobile phone.

does not seem to affect the economic recession in the field, for $1000 to buy an iPhone, or a family to buy 3 units of the case is not rare.

according to market research firm GfK figures released in January of this year, smartphones accounted for about 77% of the Vietnam handset sales last year, this kind of product sales rose nearly 135% in real terms. Tablet sales growth of 250% in 2013, prices fell about 27%.

a lot of companies are paying close attention to Vietnam, which has a population of 15 million live in two major cities. Although has a population of 90 million, only 30 million people use the Internet, two-thirds less than 30.

benefit from apple’s brand effect, not only the company itself, fake iPhone is very popular in the local also, and the price is only 2 million Vietnamese dong ($95).

“there are a lot of people who can’t afford to buy the iPhone but want to install the rich, so like I shop business is thriving.” Mobile phone owner, 33, Nguyen Duc Hai said, “if only to face, why spend 10 times the price to buy a real iPhone?”

source: sina science and technology