IQIYI, founder and CEO gong yu: we are technology companies

iQIYI, founder and CEO of gong yu office door on a haunted by “black bear” sign, this is a few years ago he visit Yosemite in California in the United States to buy back. But he was not a bit like a black bear, always smiling face, the more like hanhou of the panda.

the sun is too dazzling, a Marketing Department staff in the conference room, the curtain of the direction, not to pull gong yu just got up and went over to help. Interview on that day, he’s a bit of a cold, my throat is affected, the voice more gentle.

heard gong ning to be interviewed, vice President of iQIYI xiao-hua geng was pleased, “too good, he can’t always so low profile.” As a followed from 1998 old men gong yu, xiao-hua geng can still clearly remember the first time I saw the look of the gong yu, “wearing the glasses, looks like a just out of college.”

and xiao-hua geng a moderate and mild sometimes verges on honesty, “a lot of people say I am very like gong yu, and I have his shadow. Xiao-hua geng smiled and admitted that his management style is followed Gong Yuxue.

traders video runescape

iQIYI founded in 2010, is the late person in the video industry. Before this, in 2004, sohu video; In 2006, youku online. The 2005 PPS was loved his arms in the income in the future. Smoke of just a few short years, the video industry in China, the big fish eat small fish, formed the youku potatoes, iQIYI chamber of PPS, sohu video, tencent video eyeing pattern, etc. According to the latest data of iresearch, because “love apartment 4” and “you” from the stars, both play in mobile video terminals, iQIYI topped the PPS with 99.111 million users, is the only video brand covers more than 50%; In terms of the monthly total watch time iQIYI PPS also ranks first in 855 million hours.

the latest news is that, on April 18, 2014 in iQIYI network video marketing conference, gong yu announced that will increase the investment mode of studio original content production, has now reached cooperation with xu studio, Liu Chun studios, gao studio.

maybe really is…… destined, 2001, “focus” has saved the focus. Nine years later, when the love in the CEO gong yu, the “concentration” and specify a path for him.

“iQIYI was founded, China’s network video industry has developed for nearly five years. If you don’t have a focus point to break through, is too difficult, so we chose a direction, is a professional video.”

iQIYI is a technology company

love in the office is located in a building in zhongguancun, a walk in your lunch hour zhongguancun, the proportion of men than women will find the way. In iQIYI, “technical man” is the core of the company.

“although we now do is the media industry, but our core technology. IQIYI is a very strong technology company, nearly half of the people from the personnel structure is an engineer, we are the trade of the top technology in the company.” Tsinghua male gong yu is good at using tools, is good at using technology to optimize, to innovation.

after determine the direction of the do professional video, love in the began creating a set of selected internal model. This model including actors, the script, director, broadcast a series of parameters such as time, according to the different weights were analyzed, and finally draw a flow forecast in the future.

“with the data as a support, you should probably know what kind of play is what kind of price. Next is the business negotiation.” Responsible for developing the play model chosen xiao-hua geng said.

at the beginning, there is no data to support, for basic it is play on the subjective factors. But with huge data accumulated over the years, this algorithm is becoming more and more accurate. “You from the stars” it is through this model is selected, then to iQIYI make enough money and attention.

in addition, for in the love, the baidu “andie” the biggest support, in addition to the glistening flow data, and baidu have can provide free of charge to make love in the big data analysis, in addition to the selected model and accurate advertising. “Such as a user in baidu recently searched the car over there last month search cars for many times, you this behavior is in the inside of the computer, we will give you a targeted push car advertising, in that case, you won’t.” Xiao-hua geng said.

marriage PPS

in 2012, in Shanghai jc mandarin hotel, the founder of PPS Zhang Hongyu first saw gong ning. The meeting time is not long, it is gong yu hard trip to the meeting in Shanghai for an hour, the results because of traffic jam, meeting at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, at 10:30 Zhang Hongyu didn’t make it. “I know in my heart, he and I meet, is certainly want to talk about how to cooperation. But I’m late for a long time, thought must’t stand a chance.” Zhang Hongyu recalls.

when the PPS has several big video giant, under the extrusion of days a bit sad. “In 2011, many data of PPS are leading youku.” On March 12, 2012, youku and tudou, announced a merger with youku and tudou, in the video industry, m&a is no longer a fresh word, how to let oneself become more powerful, can only be mergers and acquisitions.

after considering all the video website can cooperate, iQIYI attracts PPS, PPS also to iQIYI hidden in the dark. “Why do we love iQIYI, is our special complement each other.” Zhang Hongyu said.

this is also the reason of PPS favor gong yu, “iQIYI are very simple style, and PPS is a fever of that kind of style, our service is different users.” But by gong yu is not only a complementary, as well as team, “other companies for PPS, the founder of the management evaluation is a word, by spectrum. In the process of me in contact with them, also feel them.”

Zhang Hongyu male who is also a technology, when he was determined to be a great programmer, at the beginning of the creation of PPS, he and his partner LeiLiang’s job is to code every day, independent research and development in the six months, database, Web Server, video search engine P2P download, and so on many products. This same technique oriented style, also deeply attracted gong ning.

on May 8, 2013, in the love finally successful acquisition of PPS, has since put love in the logo “and the logo of PPS. This merger is a little timely, “with the popularity of mobile end quickly, such as the rapid popularity of smartphones, in 2013 the whole traffic transfer from traditional PC to the mobile terminal. We are now more than 50% of the traffic from mobile terminal, catch up with the trend.” Xiao-hua geng said. Of course, the mobile side flow, half is from PPS.

“after the merger of a lot of data to prove this is a time to buy.” Gong yu said.

speculation in the love is preparing for listing, so frequent in recent two years are preparing for listing. Gong yu admitted that the rest of the year, in addition to the copyright to buy television shows and movies, love, art will also get more exclusive copyright on variety shows, and other video web site no longer swap program, tries to break the original rules of the game, to build a delicate new gameplay.

and launched the Internet TV, from the end of last year to the most recent being pushed iQIYI mobile phones, are no doubt for iQIYI public xu li. “I can’t say a definite time to market, but the public is a sure thing.” Gong yu said.

source: the bund: Liu Muyang photography: small arms