Iresearch data showed that fast taxi market share of 52% in the first half of the year

subsidies after more than half a year of war, a taxi software market was almost fast taxi and drops a taxi. Iresearch MUT statistics the number of according to display, as of June, a taxi fast in the first half of the market share rose to 52. 05%, the second a taxi drops 47.95%.

data show that in June a taxi fast that covers more than 28.14 million people, monthly use number 278.39 million, accounts for 52.05% of the total use; drops a taxi to cover 24.05 million people, the monthly use 256.51 million times, accounted for 47.95% of the total use, two software combined with taxi monthly total number of 534.9 million.

it is worth noting that another has mainly covering Shanghai and guangzhou bumblebee taxis, has until the end of last year in the unit, the fast transformation for the main business of commercial vehicles of one car, and thus become one of the fast taxi commercial exploration direction. This also means that time-consuming rectified and invested heavily “hit” the taxi software market has been divided two giants, the whole market is gradually stabilized.

since may, quick and drabs successively cut subsidies and eventually stop the passengers and drivers, the to a certain extent, led to the loss of part of the user. Iresearch data shows that fast in March by monthly cover once reached 37.38 million, drops a taxi to cover 29.28 million , and that was when the taxi software subsidy wars the most intense period.

the personage inside course of study says, a taxi in the fierce competition in the software market, fast taxi viscosity increasing the number of users and users. fast, according to official data released by the city has covered more than 300, far above 178 drops a taxi. In fact, the taxi quickly since last year in strengthening user viscosity, online in less than a year of integral mall has become its main function.

although a taxi software market has just been ranked, but quick and drops fire has spread to the field of car rental, in a taxi quickly announced online number one car business after a month, drops its business car rental business has recently started to open beta, and easy to transport and foreign giants, UBer into China commercial vehicles has become another after a taxi for the point.