Is unlikely to release new hardware WWDC, what is worth looking forward to?

TheVerge foreign science and technology media, said that the apple WWDC 2014 congress probably won’t show any new hardware products. But even so, the article is summarized the evaluation for us congress will certainly, may, is unlikely to release new products (services). Hunting cloud network generalization translation for you is as follows:

estimates will certainly be some:

, iOS will not happen again in our eight major design changes and interaction, the new system will be better on the continuation of iOS 7 style details.

for health tracking and detection applications Healthbook physiological index;

, add smart home control application platform. Giagom, unfortunately, get the latest news that the application is not yet really merge with intelligent household. Via bluetooth and wi-fi, user can only control the intelligent household equipment to obtain the MFi certification;

iTunes, Radio will be split according to a separate application;

, at least two paragraphs on OS X application were transplanted into the iOS 8;

there might be, but may be released after the meeting:

, OS X will be major design changes for the first time in years. Previously reported that a new generation of Mac OS on design style, admiral of the iOS 7 together;

Siri, may add music recognition;

, Apple Maps will be further perfected. Sources said the new apple maps will add city real-time traffic data information;

the multitasking, double screen with segmentation, but will not be released at the WWDC;

apple is unlikely to show the new hardware at WWDC convention

, two more big screen of the iPhone (4.7 inches and 5.5 inches) played may be released at the WWDC;

12 inch Retina screen Macbook Air should be available until later this year.

, larger size of the device (13 inches) it seems not too. And equipped with fingerprint identification of a new generation of the device to choose another time (fall);

we think the WWDC must not some:

iWatch or other named wearable devices, apple will launch. But given that this is a and even the whole industry is of great significance for apple products, there should be no appearance in the WWDC. News that this product will hold a separate conference later this year;

Apple TV, who could make a software update, but the so-called Apple TV are still at the stage of “hanging failed”;

don’t think apple will and has just announced the acquisition of the Beats make what’s the new hardware products.

it is reported, 2014 apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) will be in the United States Pacific time on June 2, (Beijing time at 1 am on June 3) was held in San Francisco.