Israel will enable 2015 air vehicle “skywalker”

according to foreign media reports, this week, Israeli officials in tel aviv, says expect long already “skywalker” air cars will be put into use in 2015, “skywalker” air vehicle systems use a series of elevated magnetic orbitals, enables a behind the vehicle suspension.

people can through smart phone call “skywalker” air motors, the lenticular transportation will carry people arrived at the specified site, not in elevated during magnetic track any site along the anchor.

“skywalker” air vehicle originally had a 500 – meter circular orbit, built in Israel aerospace company, speed up to 70 km/hour. City planning experts joey – diggle, south Joe Dignan), according to tel aviv air vehicle program on behalf of the birth of a new generation of transportation way, this is a kind of lower than the cost to build train tracks mode of transportation, is also a beautiful scenery line of the city.

the global other cities are planning “skywalker” air vehicles, including: city of Toulouse, France, the Indian state of kerala, the United States city of San Francisco, California. (the long/compile)

source: tencent technology