It is not the same what is taught that what is learned

Yesterday I received a very funny email about student responses on exams. I had already read a book once about it, that by the way, I left it to Eva and she still has not returned it to me :-p

I put some of those that I found more fun.


Latin: Caesar mandavit enemici ab porto Ostiae
Correct translation: Caesar threw the enemies of the port of Ostia.
Translation of the pupil: The César of an ostia threw the enemies of the port.

Music exam

[Question] General characteristics of Baroque music.
I think there’s a mistake in the question, I think it’s the Moroccan music. I will answer this. The Moroccan music is that of the Moors of Morocco which is very important because the Moors played it when they went to the battles of conquest.

[Question] Beethoven.
This was a deaf man who composed the lyrics of Miguel Rios or the Hino of joy. But when the izo was not of rocks. He gave many concerts at the time of Franco and did also “Para Luisa” that has no paranjon in the history of music.

[Question] Briefly comment on the musical characteristics of your favorite group / singer / songwriter.
I really like all the music so much the old and the haora. Example: of the old woman, Carminha Furada, Maller and Faya who was Spanish,
Of the new ones I like Mecano, Total Sinister, Los Burros, Allatola do not touch me the pirola (with forgiveness) and many others in general. End.

[Question] Measure the second verse written on the board.
In the waxed about 75 centimeters, on paper about a quarter (I say approximate because I have not brought the meter).

General knowledge

[Question] Prensoras birds.
They are the birds that live in the “presses”, places where there is a lot of water.

[Question] Water purification.
It is made by ultraviolet rays

[Question] Reptiles.
They are animals that dissolve in water.

[Question] Moses and the Israelites.
The Israelites in the desert fed on patriarchs.

[Question] LaFe.
That God gives us to understand the priests.

[Question] Neck muscles.

[Question] The four Evangelists ………
The four evangelists were 3: Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Movements of the heart.
Of rotation around itself and of translation around the body.

[Question] The nobility.
They could not be her if they did not have blood and they were not from that family. In the lands of the nobleman the house of the lord, the mill, the toaster of bread, etc. was uvicaba …

[Question] Vernacular languages:
Those that are spoken in taverns

[Question] An internal parasite of man:
The shrimp

[Question] Potter:
The one with a bluff

[Question] Marsupials:
The animals that carry the tits in a bag

[Question] Polygon:
Man with many women

[Question] A worm that is not the earthworm:
The sea worm

I do not doubt at any time that all this is true, as a teacher and as a companion of some “individuals” I attest that things like this happen.

How funny!!

Making chops was never so easy

Every day I am more surprised to see “unpublished” programs appear, but look at this example, a program to make chops!

Although well thought … surely someone I know is good … right David? 😛