IT pros “drug relief” behind the helpless and miserable

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yesterday, the domestic technology an article about “a IT bosses drug detention” news caused widespread suspicion. Zhang suspected of being the most later in weibo refute speculation, said: “(me) a yarn poison!” . Recently, entertainment gust star drugs, let his heart love their fans. Now have a tech bosses the rumours of a drug. Previously, foreign media have reported the silicon valley technology rise of pathological trend in “drug relief”. Cloud network editor jun hunting for you to select the SAN jose mercury news reports an analysis of agent for, hope to help readers to present all sorts of bad social events brought some positive revelation.

not long ago, Google executives at frist, Timothy Haynes (Forrest Timothy Hayes) as a prostitute and injected heroin and died, in the United States science and technology caused a huge shock. Report says, because the technology industry practitioners to suffer unprecedented pressure or startup pressure, drug use has become the common choices. They need to vent, inspiration

police in Santa cruz, said Haynes yacht surveillance video filmed the process of the crime. A senior call girl to the 51-year-old Google executives inject heroin, the drug overdose death, and then fled the scene. The case lets a person feel terror, but particularly chilling is another reason:

seven minutes long dead video on the father of five children life at the end of the scene, but it caused the people to pay attention to the dark and unknown in silicon valley. Competitive VP and crazy desperately programmers develop a thriving entrepreneurial culture, managers under enormous pressure to find out the way to become a trend. However, illegal drugs and the pain has become a part of this black market.

residential detoxification in Miami coach Cali Estes has helped 200 department-level workers detoxification. “We received from apple, Twitter, Facebook, Google, yahoo, etc. The company’s employees. It is really bad.” Estes said, most of them are the company’s executives, struggling with all kinds of illegal drugs for a long time, from cocaine and heroin to painkillers oxycodone and doping benzedrine (a prescription drugs in the treatment of attention deficit).

“actual situation is far more serious than people think, because a lot of things are very well.” Estes said. “If a company employee was found in the drug, the social impact of the company image is too bad.”

Haynes last November for a drug overdose, alex’s ackermann (Alix Tichelman) because of its related death, was arrested. Most of the residents of San Francisco bay area often amazed by the technology of hot revival of innovation, behind did not worry about it, may be lurks a shady behavior.

although unable to obtain the exact figure for technicians to drug addicts, most of the treatment and rehabilitation expert witness the problem of science and technology personnel suffered from all sides, they like cocktail together and growing: new wealth, the fierce competition between company and employees, upgrading product release the pressure of deadlines, and lively black-market drugs trade.

“ability to finish the work in silicon valley, high speed and even be seen as a great glory, thus there are a lot of workaholics,” said Steve Albrecht, an adviser to the San Diego. “They overtime day and night, gradually must rely on methamphetamine and cocaine to cheer up. Red bull has no effect and coffee have.”

explore problems, many technology companies to drug testing, little or no reason as Albrecht said, “they just want results, as for how to get employees as a result, they don’t care.”

in the country under the background of heroin abuse and prescription painkillers, science and technology company’s drug abuse situation becomes increasingly serious. Treatment, experts said the overuse of pain relievers, such as opioid hydrogen ketone, has bred a new batch of drug users – professionals with college degree or above.

the expert thinks, frequent use of painkillers just become drug addicts first contact way. “There are 1.4 million deputy in the San Francisco bay area, hydrocodone prescriptions,” the San Francisco public health department Alice Gleghorn said, “medicine very much.”

accept the healer said, for the treatment of back pain and injury of opioid very addictive. Others buy from thriving black market, or more simply, from family, friends, the medicine box can find opioids.

callisto plus detoxification expert Norman said Wall, develop into addiction step process is predictable: use first benzedrine stimulants such as to maintain production needs, so as to work 12 hours a day; Home again after taking oxycodone inhibitors to numb themselves, etc. “It’s not difficult to become addicted to oxycodone.” He said.

in Nevada treatment and rehabilitation center chairman Dave Marlon said: “some people say that they need to opioid medications in the morning, so that the body restore function, began to work. They rely on opioids like fell into the water. The same was dependent on the oxygen”

but when the pill can satisfy them, they turned to the heroin – was originally a small suction, followed by injection, because in the process, they bear the amount of drug in more slowly.

“people will make some they will never do.” Camp rehabilitation center, executive director of Michael Johnson said. It is located in a rehabilitation center coates valley.

heroin is an opioid drug, so people’s body and mind will make the same reaction as when taking painkillers. But the heroin is much cheaper — around $20 per half a gram, and painkillers to $60. And, in the past five or six years, in the San Francisco bay area is easy to obtain heroin.

“fifteen years ago, if you want to inject heroin, you have to go to some very dark place, and the underworld of the people, to participate in some dark deeds.” Johnson said, “but not now.”

according to the substance abuse and mental health services administration a study of 12 years of age and older, from 2002 to 2002, the heroin use more than double the United States. Heroin has become the second most common drug, ethanol first. The drug enforcement administration report, and the surrounding city of Santa Clara seizure of heroin from 6.3 in 2012 pounds, to in the first half of this year has increased to 22 pounds.

network era makes illicit drugs combined with science and technology workers, fast make money more deepened the craze.

a longtime Eddy technical staff participated in the silicon valley in the luo plus drug anonymous meeting toth.

“I saw at the meeting, thanks to the doctor, just can have so many people addicted.” He said, “you rarely see a conservative drug addicts. Most of people have received university education, they are either started to abuse painkillers after the injury, either because of science and technology work pressure and start taking cocaine when stay up late, eat oxycodone to relax. Work 80 hours a week, mad money make you pay a terrible price.”

as a Newport beach, managing director of Morningside rehabilitation center Joel Edwards said in the past 67 years, rehabilitation center accepted many abuse benzedrine diseases were engaged in the work of science and technology. Another popular stimulant is modafinil, usually used to treat narcolepsy. Science and technology workers, said the drug effect is very good, can make them work 20 hours continuously.

“they rely on these drugs and work until very late at night. If special emergency task, even take amazing number of doses. Edwards said, “if set up the network, let they can continue to work, you will hear over and over again they say to you: ‘someone else will take my place. ‘”

not only employees have drug abuse problem. A smooth project, even if a few people to help him, the founders will find themselves with hundreds of employees to manage, to prepare an IPO, to deal with the media, to attract investors… Some people will be looking for drugs to solve such a big pressure.

“if you lose control of your life, and full of pressure, you might think that can solve by self treatment, but it is wrong.” LifeRing directors class Byron Kerr said.

the expert points out, some technology companies in an effort to help employees to solve the problem of drug abuse, but that’s not enough. Most of the big technology companies will provide consulting service, but employees are afraid of being found drug dependence have lost their jobs, so often escape from the secret service.

a newspaper on the employee’s substance abuse problems connect dozen big technology companies, only responded Cisco, and Google. They all said they will provide advisory services. A Google spokesman said the employees “can freely with the professional consultants to discuss a wide range of issues”.

clinical social workers Marina London in several technology companies responsible for employee assistance program. And he said, some companies provide consulting service, just going through the motions, actually cannot solve the potential problems.

many employers, including Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, encourages employees to appropriate medication, but strong technical personnel or abandon.

the client area of the Wall said he to the party, see “room with cocaine, pretty girls in transfer may be filled with ecstasy or oxycodone vessels.”

, experts say part of the problem, it is our society often in elementary school, is to encourage young people to self treatment. Wait for children to youth, proficient in software programming “marathon” for drug abuse 1.0 provides a platform. This intermittent coding, need a lot of red bull and monster energy drink. And these drinks contain large amounts of sugar, it can be addictive, at the same time also can like opioids shape the brain and body.

“detoxification center nearby is not allowed to sell red bull and monster drinks for a reason.” Luxurious treatment center The Exclusive Hawaii project coordinator Joyce Marvel – Benoist said.

Estes one customer said the board meeting on Friday morning with a tray of cocaine in the table. “He told me, ‘I don’t want to offend them, but I can’t take cocaine, because I have a heart attack. ‘”

Estes suggested he refused, he did. Next Friday, the other two people also refused to take drug. Again the next Friday, and there are three people refused. In the end, all of them are not taking drugs. This may be peer pressure.