Iwatch killer features: highly integrated experience enough to capture the heart

on June 10, hunting cloud network

the near September, subversion world of apple product launch is expected. From last year to now, about the size of the iPhone6 and name has become increasingly clear, even the concrete model have been circulated on the Internet! At the same time, the parties of the supply chain also in half apple contains an another new iwatch.

iwatch will come this year? According to apple’s technical reserves and reverse cycle (can’t, apple is, indeed, and introduced a disruptive products), iwatch indeed has reached out from time to time. Negative attitude towards new confidential and according to the cook, at this time should be from a large number of iwatch components, features, which in turn make iwatch birth date more than a layer of confusion.

but see apple for the new product confidentiality, specifically formed 500 “involved”, suddenly let a person feel iwatch by spectrum again! After all is “subversion” once again, easily out of the bag, then cook a little too real?

this time apple will not to upset the world again? Iwatch will, on the function of how the overthrow of the world in what aspects?

notification and fast reply collection function

tell the needless to function, namely the smartphone application information push and remind to smart wristwatch, the first to launch the android smart watches, this feature is implemented already, but iwatch will do better, smoother and concise. Even the iMac, and so on the apple devices, information in the application of push remind all focus on the iwatch, other smart watch is this for a long time to do so.

this is smart watches the most foundation, but also can be understood, the function of smart watches on the information to remind and fast reply convenience is unmatched by other devices. From apple in ios8 push and inform the function of the application of optimization and improve as you can see iwatch the function prototype, will be more cool and more concise.

in accordance with apple’s ability to optimize the control application products, appears on many android smart watches before, due to the frequent reminder to bother the user will be good to improve the working life.

this kind of problem solution is readily available: when a user in the work, the apple through the cloud can automatically detect the user’s current active devices, so as to select the message which remind pushed to the device, this function has already been implemented in Google’s social service, so it is not easy. So also received a short message does not appear, all your apple devices are frantically shaking so funny.

even if ten thousand steps back if they function is not yet a, directly into the smart watch lights, alerted to the fact that several categories, only to telephone, SMS to vibrate, other messages with different colored lights. Smart watches lights, of course, not so bright like a smart phone.

information push and remind if can continue to dig dug up a lot of features, once achieve the best user experience, because the smart watch fast and convenient in operation will be hard to replace, becoming rigid demand. And if add the unique interactive hardware, use after the user will be harder to leave.

and the other android smart watches equipment is far from done.

with smart phones, and other comprehensive interactive data monitoring equipment, it is concluded that the optimal health solutions

sports health data can be said to be the smart watch a big functions, these functions, however, requires a lot of sensors to achieve, for smart watch lighter) obviously is a bit difficult, though apple with nuclear solutions for electricity had certain control, but still have very limited to list of sensors.

in order to obtain more accurate data, only the smart watch data error is very big, in the past solutions, professional sport watch is often the pedometer, GPS, barometer, and so on integrated together to get the most accurate data. , of course, after carry on so many sensor movement watches, life has been difficult to get the heart.

and we are here, by contrast, GPS, barometer, compass, and other functions they are either already appear in smart phones, or is more suitable for use on a smartphone. For smartphones that exist in the intelligent functions to its watches and necessary to repeat? Apparently not! To know the apple don’t even willing to give the equipped with GPS.

when you are in motion with iwatch health monitoring, iwatch will surely will “mobile phone lost; preventer” function to the limit, so that you will have a few hardware detection at the same time, finally get rid of the redundancy, to get the accurate data synchronization to all your apple devices.

in present ios8 HealthKit health application of the new, already offer interface, can be Shared with third party software health data, as well as will dock data directly to a special medical institutions were evaluated. What is the meaning of this?

like selling app selling third-party wearable, intelligent household equipment, apple completely into electricity

in this year’s WWDC, apple in an emphasis on himself is a software company, and we also have to admit that apple is also a good acme Internet company. Apple APPstore this successful Internet pattern to an extreme.

APPstore finished all the potential of the play? Over that’s a shame such a good platform, in the era of the smart watch is the new overturned!

the latest ios8 launched HealthKit health, HomeKit intelligent household application, it’s not strange, strange is that apple has put them open to third-party hardware developer, it is beginning of the first time for apple. Apple really want to open?

ha ha. Apple just ready to push a new hardware design standard, the future of wearable devices, smart home want to interact with ios, must follow the standards of apple’s hardware design, must be sold on APPstore.

apple said is open the software and hardware platform, just launched a new apple design standard. The value of the APPstore will carry more.

before long, what apple certification and hardware interface standard, apple patent package, appearance design, and so on standard reference seconds kill all equipment.

super touch, the new experience such as feeling of interaction of hardware

apple every subversive almost has launched a new interactive hardware products, from the mouse wheel, wheel to touch screen, this time iwatch from hard to soft so how could that be differentiated products launched a new interactive hardware?

according to apple’s new nuclear sensor optimization technology, fingerprint identification (super sensitive capacitance screen) technology breakthroughs and development, and can predict apple or will be according to the characteristics of smart watch, launched amazing body feeling hardware interactive functions such as operations, super touch.

in the smart watches the operating limitations of such great products, not a novel, experience good control hardware, fast and experience almost impossible. So even if the body feeling don’t have much progress on operation, super touch will be a multifunction button, in order to increase convenience.

for this new interactive hardware is how to design? How to carry on the good fit and system interface? Really exciting.

personal also really looking forward to iwatch screen more brought by the interaction of universal remote control, maybe in the absence of any preparation, you then give you a unbeatable new apple TV?