Jack ma, alibaba is such a “insert” overseas…

alibaba IPO, led by jack ma, alibaba is slow, but ambitious penetration to the United States and other overseas markets. Through careful buy, alibaba attracts talents, master the skills of the barbarians to; Wash the white “fake pirated” hat. In addition, also indirectly and form “bemis heights overlooking” the domestic market.

alibaba overseas core business department is located in silicon valley, played two roles: it is both an electric business assault team, is a “greed” investors. Although compared with their huge size, ma in overseas investment was just a drop in the bucket, but the upcoming company, can never be underestimated.

it is through the steady investment policy, “insert” the United States and other overseas markets.

alibaba wanted to enter overseas markets, will inevitably face the great pressure of competition. Electricity mature markets such as the United States in addition to many competitors, there are large difference between the user habit, nor of the policy of natural “barrier”. Want to quickly cut into the market, the most convenient way is through acquisition, to obtain talents, learning foreign electricity way of business.

to attract talents, master the skills of the barbarians to

alibaba’s acquisition strategy seems to be and other investors are different. Usually, see a very promising a overseas company, ali will amount to hold shares in the company. And hope that their investment of listed companies cashed out psychological, ali would prefer waiting game, when a small business development at the same time, a little eating into it, and ultimately it into a bag (of course, it also means all the company’s overseas operations experience learned).

I prefer to call ali’s investment strategy “learning investment”. In the completion of investment, ali will always keep in touch with their overseas investment by the company, learn their management skills. Shortly before alibaba investment the Tango mobile social applications. : “before and after the acquisition, ali together with us for a lot of time to explore the development of the future. Because of their investment, we obtained a bigger development space.”

wash white “fake pirated” hat

an important bottleneck restricting alibaba to break overseas, is the concern about the “fake pirated” bad reputation. Investment and acquisition of companies overseas business, etc., can desalt overseas users to taobao brand such as stereotypes. After 11 Main ali formed as a “to provide users with the particular shopkeepers’ interesting and high quality products of electric business platform”, although has not officially launched, but has attracted a lot of stores from eBay and other platforms.

it is important to note that businesses want to log in 11 Main need pay 3.5% sales commission. But that figure is still well below 10% of eBay.

denying domestic, forms the horns trend

ali’s overseas investment, hasn’t been out of domestic business. While slowly “insert” silicon valley, ali’s overseas investment in a certain extent also deter the rising domestic rivals. Tango and formed the horns, 11 Main and taobao, day formed complementary, investment ShopRunner cats and novice network form synergy to a certain degree. Of course, just how the deterrent effect, it remains to be seen.

if eBay is described as a 800 – pound gorilla in the American market, so now alibaba, hope to grow into a 2000 – pound challenger, with these old rivals to compete overseas. , of course, this process is very difficult and requires a long time effort. Delight, we have seen under the leadership of jack ma, alibaba has been carefully in advancing the process.

PS: in this paper, the material comes from the New York times article, main ideas by hunting cloud network editor jun do the thinking.