Jingdong IPO and suning: a film

cloud network hunting note: jingdong listed value reached 150 billion yuan, industry sighed with tencent backing jingdong phenomenal, turned to the crowd couldn’t help but look to suning. Two once because of the war, the price war is known to the industry, who also defy spirit. At present, only from the point of view of value, su ning 50 billion yuan market seems to be lost, but su ning Internet thinking still in power, suning have taken to free press recently, the personage inside course of study is how to see the move?

the author: Zhang Shansi

jingdong overnight, the capital market. But jingdong gross income is 69.34 billion yuan RMB in 2013, operating loss of 579 million yuan; Over the same period, suning operating income of $1054, 1054.34, net profit of 366 million yuan. Two, bad boy spending other people’s money, his girl, also lost the business; An honest man to spend his own money, other people’s film, also make a lot of business. The former ten thousand people, the latter in the cold streets. Why is this?

well, behind it is the core of the two companies listed sites are not the same.

suning listed early, and it is in the domestic main market, main is to look at the results, how big size you do is important, but the actual is how much people earn even more crucial. So su ning must do a company make money, to realize the benign development.

jingdong overseas IPO, is on the nasdaq, the gem. What is the gem? Means you cannot earn money is not important, as long as you maintain high growth, even ten years of losses, there are gamblers pay for you. Unprofitable amazon has ten years, still maintain one of the most valuable company, the same is true. This is why jingdong never pursuit of profit, and financing for the cause of the price war to maintain high growth.

but the key problem is coming, when you are in the enclosure movement period, to maintain a high rate of increase of is no problem. But when the market capacity, the increasingly fierce competition in the market economy is showing slowed growth, and investors will be turned to look at your profitability. Jingdong over the years, master how to spend money to learn, how to make money but had never tried.

when the jingdong want to make money, low price competitiveness easily broken by competitors, unreliable! So, for jingdong, listed is a turning point, later also can’t literally pick up hot chicks and later also can’t literally losses, will someone, at the very least is on the burning not only earn it, liu will certainly be a lot less freedom.

a film mark suning stores the Internet change

jingdong and suning, deals in equal, management product category is suitable, it’s like when dangdang and excellence, baidu and 3721, in liu embrace lovely girl counting money, might as well look at suning is doing.

“wait, said some of them are not taobao and Tmall? Although there are Tmall edge, but distinct patterns, Tmall and taobao, the somebody else is platform. Some audience will say, jingdong and platform? Ok, but proprietary online direct sales accounted for 96.65%, and service from the open platform and other income accounts for more than 3.35%, this call what platform? Suning is similar. So the two companies technically not platform, and cats, taobao is different.

well, finally can see su ning in what to do.

sticker! Suning has descended into competition with the sticker in the underground passage elder sister? What is this rhythm? Somebody else’s dynamic, you are stumbling, ascetic!

small a piece of film, contain big world.

suning these years in order to make myself look more like an Internet company, rather than a traditional retail business, action, tesco, a meeting for a moment to change name, same price for a while, a moment O2O. To tell the truth, Internet companies are the genes should be change, or change the world, or change yourself. In the action of suning, in fact, the Internet changes the tone is not enough. , of course, from the point of the Internet type change, jingdong is not much like an Internet company, burn, pick up hot chicks and make logistics, shanxi coal bosses early meeting, very traditional!

the paster, su ning respect for me. Although it is difficult to estimate how things, but the hands, is the Internet wulin authentic!

for the national people’s free press, mobile phone, tablet or laptop! This is more than cattle B strategy, why can’t I couldn’t think of!

zhou free antivirus not only dry to turn over all the antivirus software company, and the free flow of business model, make it become the billions dollars Internet firm by market capitalisation (jingdong before IPO has Internet companies listed on the national third). That we all understand, a lot of companies are also in learning, Lao zhou example the power of free early blossoming on the Internet.

but traditional business, physical goods and services for free, but we haven’t seen. Suning free phone sticker, activate the offline store traffic, it is indeed a tact, a little tough.

to tell you the truth, before the free press, suning O2O strategy, in my opinion, is always a little far-fetched and wrong. In addition to solve the function of the experience of the physical store more and more like suning encumbrance. Pull people from offline to online, or pull people from online to offline, have no space, and electric daqo environmental decision, fewer and fewer people go to stores to consumption, especially in the 3 c and home appliances.

but from the beginning of the free press the initiative, I think suning stores found drainage and hematopoietic thinking, don’t have to be online flow into each other, itself has the offline store Internet traffic management space of thinking.

this is what a wonderful thing.

a membrane, bulk purchase may don’t have to, a dollar but deftly activation flow of suning stores. The original line of suning stores to tell the truth has few people around, it is ok, queue for mobile phone sticker, most people choose section in a wide variety of goods. Su Ningyou more opportunity through face-to-face service, real experience to realize offline traffic consumption transformation. In this way, let consumer experience of suning “online of this strategy, rather than on CCTV advertising bombing, touches more directly to consumers.

smart you might say, the offline model is not free creation of suning, free coffee, do you think the ikea cafeteria free beer, not all goods free flow measures?

yes, it is, but for the consumer’s drive is completely different. You will in order to run technically to ikea for a cup of coffee? You will go to the cafeteria to drink beer? That is the cost on business strategy, not free drive traffic patterns.

and drink coffee and beer is elasticity of demand, you don’t drink; Mobile phone film is rigid demand, the vast majority of people mobile phones or sticker.

when one day, su ning free sticker to sweep all the roadside stall, don’t you go to suning just can’t find a place to sticker, you know. This than zhou was much easier to win over all antivirus software company, what’s more, suning has in large-scale ZhaoAn sticker vendors.

for su ning, the free press is absolutely an inflection point. Through this turning point, suning finally ushered in a new pattern, let the offline channel into a pattern.

free sticker waves up to?

on a piece of film, can beat jingdong? Of course not, if the world were that simple inspirational too easily.

but the paster strategy, solve the suning big, big a problem, this problem has not been found before the answer, once make suning very passive and embarrassing.

it is offline stores in su ning in the strategic position, Su Ningcong is the transition of traditional retailers to pure online electricity? Or complementary with online electrical contractor key? Su ning in the official tone, of course, has always been the latter, but in fact, it is very embarrassing. Declining popularity, it is indisputable fact!

but from the beginning of the film strategy, suning found the offline stores to revitalize the traffic. Mobile phone film has a very important feature, is of low cost, need hard. So just need to find the same kind of products and services, and is completely free, is it should be possible in the offline build a free model business empire.

suning to thinking is, is there any thing I can do for free?

the cost is low, the demand for hard, sticker is inspiration, but think about it a lot.

free print, big deal every time limit; Free of charge, the more no cost; Although free WiFi, 3 g era significance is not big, but somehow is also a kind of attitude and feelings; Free drinks, the cost is very low, perhaps the convenience store also killed; Free to wash photos, this is very cloudy storage is now in use, can be a try…

the original free space so much.

what things are free, suning will become nobody consumption in the park? This completely don’t have to worry about, as long as you are selling products, to meet the requirements of users, as long as you can provide users with services, traffic abundant, is bound to have exchange space.

this kind of circumstance, suning will depend on the paster beat jingdong also doesn’t make sense. Eldest brother and second fight, old dead, what is this anecdote. Even said that the boss second fight, another puzzling commercial ecological died, also is not news.

drops and fast taxi subsidies, not nearly dry over the radio, too?