Jingdong IPO returns on capital was 100 times of the day liu is worth $6.1 billion

at 11 PM Beijing time on May 22, China’s biggest proprietary B2C e-commerce company, jingdong (jd.com) officially listed on nasdaq, opening at $21.75, the price of $19, rose 14.5%, according to the calculation, jingdong market value of $29.73 billion. Become the second largest Internet companies, is the stock market value in second only to Chinese search giant baidu.

in all Chinese Internet companies ranking, second only to the BAT (baidu, alibaba, tencent), and be worthy of the name “the fourth pole”.

jingdong formally to the capital market, from a certain perspective, also means that the controversial “generation of lean” chose to bow to the capital markets. In fact, at the end of 2013, liu travel back from the United States, in Beijing held a press conference in a larger scale, declared that by 2015 will not consider an IPO, it didn’t take long, however, jingdong choose the day of the lunar year in China submitted to the SEC IPO prospectus.

liu has a 20.5% stake, worth up to $6.1 billion

prior to the IPO, jingdong liu holds a 18.8% stake in jingdong, founder of the first big shareholder; Tiger global fund hold 18.1%, ranking the second; Tencent has a 14.3% stake, as the third largest shareholder.

after the IPO, liu holds a 20.5% stake in jingdong, all for the class B shares, with the opening price, liu is worth up to $6.1 billion, and is expected to be among the top ten of China’s richest. According to the jingdong AB shares voting 1 than 20 Settings, liu will have jingdong 83.7% of the votes.

still huge losses, loss of 3.795 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2014

at present, jingdong through business structure adjustment, its altogether has four big business: jingdong mall, jingdong financial group, clap nets, overseas business.

personnel, jingdong founder liu jingdong group CEO, haoyu shen jingdong mall as a CEO, melchor strong head, jingdong financial former huanan for terminal electronic commerce President xu as jingdong, head of the overseas division, jingdong open platform division general manager Kate kui to clap, head of the business. In addition, jingdong other executives: CFO yellow jintong, CMO, also a former lenovo manager, CHO long rain, technology research and development, senior vice President lee.

the prospectus shows: jingdong net loss in the first quarter of 2014 was 3.795 billion yuan, according to American accounting standards, adjusted net loss of 81 million yuan. Belonging to the shareholders of the net loss of 5.289 billion yuan, for a net loss of 952 million yuan over the same period of last year. The main reason for the loss is not business, it is included in the first quarter of 3.67 billion yuan, or about $3.78 billion stake in spending, owned by the board of directors to jingdong CEO liu jingdong 93.78 million in restricted shares.

jingdong net revenue of RMB 69.34 billion in 2013, operating loss of 579 million yuan. Net revenue of 41.381 billion yuan in 2012, operating loss of 1.951 billion yuan; Total net revenue of 21.129 billion yuan in 2011, operating loss of 1.404 billion yuan.

today’s return on capital as much as 100 times

the prospectus shows that institutional shareholders holding more than 1% respectively is: tiger fund 18.1%; Tencent holdings by 14.3%; HHGL hillhouse capital group, 360 buy Holding, LTD has a 13% stake; DST global fund has a 9.2% stake, has 1.6% voting rights;

and early investors – today’s Best capital Alliance International Holdings Limited 7.8% stake, according to capital founding partner of China today, according to the price calculation, up to 100 times the rate of return on capital investment jingdong today; Male cattle capital fund Strong Desire Limited 2.2% stake; Sequoia capital, a 1.6% stake.

bank of America merrill lynch and ubs as the offering of jingdong joint global coordinators and joint lead bookrunner. Allen & amp; Company LLC, barclays bank, huaxing capital and Jefferies as joint bookrunners.

Oppenheimer & amp; Co, Piper Jaffray, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and Cowen and Company as deputy underwriters.

jingdong founder liu internal email

the following for liu internal email full text:

the dream into reality to meet new start

dear brothers:

after a decade of hard work, the company officially listed in nasdaq today! This is a milestone in the development course of jingdong day. Beginning from today, playing a JD brand spirit will show to the world; Beginning from today, the concept of Joy and claims will be as we enter the global; Beginning from today, JDer jingdong people 】 【 there will be a new start!

in the beginning, although I’m just an ordinary college students from rural areas to come out, but I always have a dream, is to do a contribution to society, create value for society of the great enterprise, even in the most difficult time, I also never have doubts and shake. Today, the dream into reality! Gratitude the great era of China’s reform and opening up, let’s not “spell dad” also have the chance of a fair business, achieve your dream; Gratitude consumers, inclusive of our imperfect, consistently propel us grow; Grateful for all the suppliers, partners and investors, appreciate our “axis” and paranoid, trust we stick to and pursuit.

but, I more to be grateful is my brothers, when you abandoned the ease, rolled up his sleeves and legs up to electricity the most bitter, the most dirty and tired of living, you have no doubt, no complaints, by never giving up, insatiable spirit of jingdong, with jingdong came to a higher stage.

let me proud of is: over the past ten years, we successfully made three things:

we reinvent the “trust” of China’s e-business. Since the first day of business, we will stick to the “quality goods trading, don’t sell fakes” bottom line, this line of business ethics is behind the awe and respect for the consumer value. “A man without faith, shop no interest”. We use the faith in exchange for the trust of the society.

we redefine the “experience” of China’s e-business. When today jingdong warehouse distribution system all over the country has made “the last kilometer” already became the most important ability to determine the user experience, at the beginning of irony, who for our laugh and also included in the ear. But, we just use “stupid” and “persistence” for “cool” and “good” of consumers.

we reinterpret the “value” of China’s e-business. Your value no longer depends on how much profit you greedy grab, but in what you made to the progress of the ecosystem. Over the years, we adhere to constantly invest in e-commerce infrastructure construction, persist in the investment of research and development and large data, persist in the investment of opening the financial logistics system and the Internet. Now, we use the input for the benefit of the partners and efficiency.

today, we stand at a new starting point. I think that in the next 10 years, we have to do a few things:

we want firm internationalization strategy, jingdong made a let the world respect of circulation enterprises.

listed, we are going to have a sense of mission of China’s new economic agents, to help China’s manufacturing industry walk out of a sense of responsibility, should have more sense of honor, on behalf of the Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition. I hope that through jingdong platform can be a steady stream of high quality Chinese goods delivery to customers from all over the world, through our platform achievement many billions and billions of billions of Chinese enterprises, even this is jingdong’s greatest achievement in the future.

we will build more electricity ecological diversity, fair and impartial to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprise growth.

through the layout of B2C, C2C, financial and other business sectors, the jingdong group will complete to fully meet the consumer demand, we will stick to jingdong core values, through the transparent rules,

construction “QinZhe has its industry, making work its” the prosperity of industry ecology, let every entrepreneurs and businessmen to dongping on stage with dignity in Beijing to make money, create value for society!

we’ll firmly as a technology driven type enterprise, use of Internet technology promote the commercial civilization.

in traditional economy, the Internet itself is a kind of revolutionary and innovative productivity. In the past few years, we in the use of information technology has made a lot of innovation, promote efficiency of commodity circulation. In the next few years, we will further strengthen’s devotion to research and development strength, focus on cloud computing, data mining, mobile applications in areas such as the depth of innovation, will help transform the traditional industry of the Internet, enhance the circulation efficiency of the whole society, promote social and economic development.

in the end, I also want to focus on the management and culture! After listed, the company will be through a variety of forms of equity incentive plans to make more excellent employees share companies grow the rewards, let everybody have a decent and stable life safeguard, make for a long time in silent support behind our parents sureness and proud of his wife and children. But I still want to remind everyone: prosperity, die in piece. Listed is far from our ultimate goal, we will continue to maintain an entrepreneurial mind and learn from excellent partners and even competitors heart of fear. Especially as our business across different depth field, the scope of our services across different countries, we will deep to participate in the competition of globalization, directly in the face of global partners and consumers. Will continue to develop for jingdong escort only management and culture! No matter how the future stock price changes, the future capital market reaction, our mission and values are determined will not change. To keep in mind for our customers, for partners and for social commitment and responsibility!

helicopter strike force, fish, all kind of frosty day race freedom! Dear brother, in the future we will stand on the stage of the world composed of jingdong over the next decade, this is all our historic opportunity. In the hands of our achievement a great world-class companies, we surely can go out!

your liu

on 22 May 2014