Joy, please look up the road, to avoid pulling the bow!

when hunting cloud network editor you hear the music will enter the smart home, intelligent community “, the question as the former “millet the invasion of the real estate” message. And during a conference, when the news from rumors become fact, the feeling become more strong. Depending on play smart home, this thing on?

this weekend, le depending on joint business real estate ShangGuoHua announced to build China’s first home buyers in beidaihe intelligence community. Put aside those compliments, the project is summed up in one word: to Letv smart TV for introduction, Letv provides technology and services, guohua real estate real estate resources, to squeeze into smart home industry. Of course, this is Letv & home buyers of ideal, whether can be implemented, it is difficult now. Why the cloud network editor jun to the cross-border cooperation is full of doubt? And the way to listen to me slowly. Hope you sit to listen to me about it, because the answer behind cloud network editor king hunting.

fad smart home, what joy depending on hand?

hunting cloud network editing thought, want to play intelligent household, an enterprise must have one of the following three conditions: first, grasp the standard; Second, grasp the operating system; Third, grasps the intelligence lives in the “port”.

it is very important to the standard, all kinds of manufacturers, a variety of household appliances need to form a huge Internet of things, and between equipment and equipment, equipment and network docking standard will need to be unified. Who can master the standard, who can control the industry. At this point, qualcomm, and other components manufacturers have in March to smart home communication chip and technology. Shortly before the qualcomm leading established “AllSeen alliance”. Haier, LG, panasonic, take sides. Obviously, Letv are unlikely to become a standard setters, we haven’t see Letv choice now stood a standard in the camp.

system platform is still very important. A striking example is that despite the current car manufacturers launched its own vehicle intelligent system, but with the intervention of iOS and Android, and most of them are for the two giant “sides” respectively. Hardware (home appliances), the accumulation of advantage, the unification of the standard is indeed very important, but look at Google developer alliance “kind” of ambition in the smartphone market, will know how important to the development of intelligent equipment system. With the advent of Home Kit and Android L, le is apparent system can only choose to be followers. Perhaps, Letv TV customization system is good, but we who also cannot assure Letv intelligent household system, whether it can earn a place in the fierce competition in the future.

of course, master the standard is a basic condition, the root of the smart home is the original intelligent household appliances. At present, using his original home appliance such as samsung and LG production background, the activities of the intelligent furniture with relative ease. Because samsung and LG itself are household appliances production, so they have the ability to completely unified “communication exchange” between the device and equipment standards. Letv into smart home the only advantage, probably lies in its business in smart TV. However, want to rely on smart TV one port at a single point breakthrough words (of course, you could say there are router), may show some of the drop in the ocean. At least, from smart TV to the so-called intelligent household ecosystem, some is beyond the scope of music on visual ability.

don’t blindly follow, depending on the music to find out what they are

Letv future in where? This problem seems complicated, in fact as long as made clear their own identity, is solved. In hunting cloud network editor jun seems Letv after all is an “output” of the company. Music can be a platform, has video, music, also can output a diversified home entertainment projects. Video industry has appeared many giant poured bankruptsrobbers situation, hunting cloud network editing your thought, not only lies in the video is the value of itself. Video is a part of the output. Behind it, but also hidden greater “ecosystem” home entertainment.

if, ecological intelligent TV is subversion of the traditional TV industry, the music depending on whether should also consider for your smart TV ecosystem to make some improvement? Rumored Letv phones (and possibly tablet) is a good choice. From the content to the ecology, from the application to the hardware screen, Letv a plate from the start, the most promising big move. But the big rewards mean big risks, if one careless move, you may lose everything. Strategy layout can be profound, but the dishes at the beginning will not spread too big. In big steps, easy to “pull egg”. Why don’t you have a good deep his dream home entertainment and almost no advantage to make themselves and the gene of intelligent household industry?

buffett has a word is very good, is always smart to earn the money in the stock market. Who is the wise? Sometimes, we not because of the invasion of others and lost territory. People often because “the mountain looked at the mountain high”, always covet what others plate, lead to do bad things you should do yourself.

the Internet of things is in the future, who knows this. But also the development of the Internet of things in the course of intense changes. Those who blindly follow suit, it is easy to become cannon fodder. We, however, one thing is certain, the Internet of things industry and even the whole network, all can never appeared a control of the whole chain of absolute domination. Alone hardware port, users are likely to be under the unified standard and system, the use of haier refrigerator, gree air conditioning, television, millet Letv router… Hunting cloud editor jun has always believed that when a hardware and network times development to mature stage, to be able to “, “after all software, services, content providers. It is diverse application achievements the prosperity of the smartphone. This truth in the PC era, mobile Internet era, and will be the same on the Internet of things.

say so many, summed up in one word: Letv plate has been large enough. How to do yourself, don’t blindly follow suit is the most important thing in the future.

cross-border cooperation and real estate industry, le is apparent in the “reading with prince”?

this conference this weekend, Letv aspects what let a person feel a bit “soy sauce”. Although Letv claimed that Letv & home buyers across borders into intelligent household industry, is a milestone for Letv nature scene, but give us the participants’ feelings is not.

regardless of their invitation to hundreds of people in the media team, le regard party only two slender female PR stubbornly hold the scene; Also don’t say three hours’ journey, for some reason into 5 hours; Just “because of the delay time, and don’t let our reporter experience visual – guohua real estate intelligent household example room” this, they were to say no to people in the past. We went to the why? We are not at the deep pockets of guohua real estate, we walked to come here, just to see what new tricks, the Letv make out what new tricks. Unfortunately, hunting cloud network editor you never experience any visual intelligent household products. Moreover, this was a very important activity, after quietly cancelled, also didn’t get Letv any explanation.

of course, the obvious is the fact is, and traditional industries, especially those of the rich and powerful, it is very not easy. This is not to say don’t want to take on the traditional industry, “mobile Internet” the express to avoid possible fate be kicked. Just, the sincerity of traditional industry “reform” and the subsequent ability to execute, makes us feel deeply concerned.

guohua real estate and cooperation, each other can get? Are guohua real estate really think music view is the “top Internet companies” (guohua real estate official languages), after careful consideration the cross-border cooperation decision? This problem is worth thinking about, but it is difficult to answer. However, we can be sure that the real estate, and nowadays the most popular “smart home”, seems to really can sell a few houses, several high-end smart TV.

love well, cut to the

cloud network editor jun hunting has always been standing in the innovator’s side. We encourage any innovation conforms to the law. You think hunting cloud network in fun, but it is because we think music view is one who has a strong innovation ability of enterprises, to be in such a fun.

all roads lead to Rome. Maybe “” way of doing things really can” surprise “. The Internet has always been a don’t respect the authority of the industry. Hunting cloud network editor jun must be stressed that the above analysis is our ra. We never intentionally raise or belittle any enterprise.

in the end, there is a little hunting cloud network editor you can’t help to say. Many people see the millet and its Internet thinking fire, all want to test. But tend to be the result of imitation. We are here to talk about your opinion of millet pattern. Millet, for example, worked 10 points, and then it tends to promote themselves scored 15 points of achievements. When we see the millet products, often feel it achieved the effect of 20 points. And millet learners tend to do the work of the five points, just said he scored 10 points of achievements. The result is that after the user sees them only to achieve the effect of the two points.