KangaDo: do the children in the field of transport and take care of Uber service

Zheng Jun of sina science and technology from silicon valley

“we are going to work, children go to school, but we don’t have time to go to school every day, every time a temporary find friends is not appropriate, so I just want to make a similar to the Uber children after school shuttle service application, solve a lot of people will face the big problem.” KangaDo co-founder Sarah thatcher (Sara Schaer) told sina science and technology is introduced. (Uber is the hottest smart phone based taxi service, including a large number of leisure private car driver to provide service.)

she has two lovely child, transfers to and from school every day. Because of work delayed work once, when she arrived at the school, to see his youngest son alone sitting on a chair outside the campus, a face of sad lonely waiting for mom. “I was very sad, heart is broken, so I decided to start KangaDo”.

KangaDo is one of many kinds of Uber innovation service in the United States, to effectively utilize social idle data, in the most economic and efficient way to resolve the problems that exist in the life. In simple terms, KangaDo is to provide a small community service, allows users to find the perimeter (best), the same community, credible and free friend, help each other to transport and temporary child care.

in addition, due to the us law children under the age of 12 May not be at home alone, so look for a person to temporarily take care of the child is the mother of a big headache problem. That’s a KangaDo dedicated to solving the market demand.

as Uber KangaDo with mobile applications is given priority to, also launched two iOS and Android platform application. Will use Facebook user registration data, allows users to understand the basic situation. “Generally speaking, users are those who have the children’s mother, they turned the objects are the same community with the child’s mother, also so prone to trust each other,” thatcher said.

user registration KangaDo when the need for the account of Facebook link, fill in your phone number and home address. KangaDo will be based on the geographical location, the surrounding friends so that users friends relationship between each other and the surrounding group.

mother users can chat through the application of the child’s situation and introduce each other home exchange parenting skills. Through KangaDo ask for transportation and child care, is like a taxi through the Uber requirement, and can provide such services to help users around like a signed driver in the Uber accept response. KangaDo between friends can also organize the party, make several children playing together.

in order to encourage users to provide services, within KangaDo will show the user how many times in the user data service requests and provide many times, so that others can distinguish whether the user is enthusiastic.

thatcher told sina science and technology, at present in order to attract users, these services are free forms of mutual aid, but they soon to launch the application in pay credit card (similar to the Uber binding style), on the one hand, for those who provide service users to reward for many times, on the other hand to attract qualified care to children. At the same time, KangaDo will extract commission fees.

thatcher stressed that child care support service is the most important is security, community residents to get to know each other, more at ease with children. Still, after KangaDo also plans to finance for such transportation services to provide a certain amount of insurance. KangaDo also reach the cooperation, and schools and education departments to school teachers who know today will transport a child.

KangaDo only in the bay area to promote operation at present, there have been 3679 live in the community, service more than 10000 times. “In the United States, there are 40 million mother, transportation and child care is a huge demand, we need to do the billion-dollar Uber in the field of market.” Thatcher told sina science and technology.