Keep: cost $4 million Google barge was sold as scrap

Google barge, imagined as Google Google float Glass and other hi-tech products exhibition hall, now already more and more don’t attract the attention of people, and it seems to have been doomed to the fate of.

after media reports, Google barge building up to four layers (consists of a container), has a very open patio, exhibit and supporting facilities. Runway at the top can let visitors overlooking the patio, roof terrace can let people at port and adjacent to the beauty of the city. The barge by tug pulling cruise between ports, both before and after the hull design is for people of Marine gangway. The building looks very unique, but also with the surrounding environment. Its ornamental shade sails for tourists in the rain. Google barge is expected to connect to the Internet, and receive from the dock of electricity, water and waste processing services.

although this strange barge port to Portland last October after they caught the attention of the American nation, but unfortunately, now this monster is likely to have been abandoned.

since the media exposure, Google has never been formally revealed the identity of the barge owner or its purpose. Similar to the mystery of the barge had appeared on the seashore of San Francisco last year. In some reporters after on both sides of the “deep mining” about it, Google then suggested that they appointed the barge as a “let the people understand the interactive space” of the new technology.

when the project completed, roughly located in Portland, Google barge was towed to New York. Google has also held a banquet, invited some fashion party and some social celebrities and wealthy.

Google will sell barge?

last week, a tugboat towing with the barge from Portland Rickers terminal to south Portland in Turner freight station on the island, and the ship is here. Freight dock boss Roger hale said, the ship is the framework of an unnamed international transfer group purchase. And ready to drag away from Portland, to sail to a mysterious place. It is understood that the ship container will be in Turner, remove the abandoned on the island, Portland port, deputy director of harbor Lance Hanna said so.

Portland city spokesman said Jessica Grondin, Google barge image has a positive meaning for Portland, because connect the high-tech innovation in Portland and San Francisco. However, when told of the barge after dismantling the parts will be sent to the scrap yard, she seems very discouraged. She said: “a lot of loafer! I hope this will play a little heat. Everyone is waiting to see what will happen after dismantling.”

although Google barge is likely to face the fate of the sold, but I did not what loss Portland, the city government. In fact, they have already received a revenue: during the barge docked in the harbor, Portland, received $400000 in property taxes.

now, it is not clear why Google gave up this project, Google company did not reply to the news.

250 – foot – long Google barge is definitely has its actual value. Analysts said that the chic modelling of the barge cost at least $4 million, by in Louisiana Belle Chasse C& C Marine building in 2011. SnapSpace Solutions company, the boss of Chad Walton said that building assembled on the barge is very expensive, the brewer, the container were transformed into modern buildings.

Walton said: “I find it hard to imagine them unexpectedly like selling scrap sell after dismantling. It must cost a fortune group together to do other things.”

at the same time, being “thrown away” container in California, in March when being dragged from San Francisco to stockton still kept it as is. According to the port director Richard Aschieris, By And Large LLC company has to take over the barge barge to Portland. Company monthly payment of $10000 terminal until October.