KTV sing can enter the line three reasons

cloud network hunting note: it is said that, sing KTV going into line market, then sing CEO Chen patch, do have the idea. The personage inside course of study says, sing it very difficult to do offline KTV, lame. Reason is like online or a small group, which transfer the minorities to offline, I can’t understand, use a light model is transformed into heavy, with an individual models into a group, that is not easy. But also different people express the opposite view, think sing logic is established.

the author: ivy

sing KTV chain will purchase one offline volume type, this step is so beautiful.

a few aspects.

a , through mergers and acquisitions offline KTV, offline entity chain layout, is a revenue model.

before this, sing tried many charging mode, such as membership fees, such as flowers, music, special effects; Also is the games recently started trying to transport income. In addition, sing that should be considered a receiver class function of hardware equipment, to meet the requirements of users singing sound quality.

but in the revenue model, music effects of membership service is above the equilibrium price in the impact value. Like online games, users to spend money to buy equipment, you don’t spend money will always be bettered, the passage of time will be lost some users. In addition, the game of the multimodal transport may bring some income, but this is, after all, based on a run on the core functionality sing sing this time based on user behavior, if through the game too much, is likely to become more of playing a game, singing less, because this is not a booty call by showing off the game level of social software.

“send flowers” ever more application scenario is in the video class shows mode. Because, in show mode, prick silk goddess of onlookers, want to let the goddess video show more bold and unrestrained, or hope to and you have a goddess of subsequent contact in private, will have to send some flowers or gifts, this comes from the original driving force of the demand is very strong.

but sing before mode, “flowers” is a natural member fee item, but the user’s purchasing power is much less than the show mode so strong, you hear a stranger sing very well, the first thing you will “wow” a voice said very surprised, and then tends to sing bad frustrated psychology, as a prick silk, you are better than you sing than bottom go to, rather than see a plump women wriggled on video in hair dia and generate strong onlookers desire.

but now is different. After a O2O, offline site provides you with a social platform. Before you send flowers may be lack of power, but now you send flowers, maybe you can about him (her) to meet the mini bag, social. Believe that sing in the subsequent product optimization, also will continue to strengthen the functions of stranger nearby friends to sing, and “flowers” has a more close combination of products. “Flowers” is the beginning of the social demand.

of course, you might say, before didn’t buy offline KTV, the user can also meet by sing about. But I think the proportion is not high. First, after sing not doing on dating this product too deep; Second, if too partial dating before, you would not be in sing sing, are about to meet offline, or go to KTV to sing the other, for this duet is the loss of the user retention time, but now even if the user is going to social is offline KTV to sing its consumption, the consumption is a closed loop, return your money to sing.

all in all, through the acquisition of offline sing KTV to control line charge, is a deep sing product gene of charging mode, it is very suitable turn, also can be a very good continuation and supplement, whose main business is not to look for another business category instead of singing.

2 , a supplement to the social scene.

in fact, as I have been involved in part I of the socially, offline KTV sing is very good to undertake users social scenario, and boost the user consumption based on virtual gifts in sing.

in addition, offline KTV is also a very important social place. Do you think of it, date, party, or before a booty call, what do you do usually? Is nothing more than to eat dinner, watch a movie, sing a song. You might say there are bars, but bars the purpose of suggesting that too obvious, which first met women can not accept, tend to be bad for you the next phase of implementation of the mind.

OK, now that go to KTV as eating with watching movies, and one of the three major social networking sites, the Internet has not occupied the reason? Watching movies, eat, have been domestic group-buying bombing may not be able to, KTV guest unit price not low could be even higher, that who will account for the entrance?

sing KTV is obviously the most advantage occupation consumption of this entry. Group-buying, public comment to the KTV, just make a booking, and yellow pages consumption is not too big difference. But entrance of KTV sing to consumption, from the user payments, IT systems, data, combined with the depth of the KTV, collaboration.

offline KTV about 70% of users are old customers, including their own members, but on the new users are often difficult to have a better solution. And can bring offline KTV sing not only incremental users, can also with offline KTV through member system, and through the IT system real-time know KTV change rooms rate, vacancy rates take targeted marketing, and can realize cross-platform, interactive entertainment, across space and pay for the establishment of the closed loop.

Three is

, to establish standards of cooperation with other KTV.

I want to, do it will not be satisfied with only cooperate with the acquisition of offline KTV. Sing the ambition should be all offline KTV sing the jukebox system, payment system. But if sing not to buy one, but started widely cooperation attitude, I don’t think the beginning will have several KTV chain is willing to cooperate with sing. The reason is very simple, KTV will say, why I trust you sing with you together?

so, I think sing the rhythm is reasonable. I’ll buy a KTV and in-depth integration, an industry standard is done first, such as I run out of the results come out, you look at other KTV do you want to cooperate with me?

time in be tide pushed away, offline KTV by Internet is only a matter of time. What I know is, of course, in addition to sing, 9158, American companies, there is also a resource integration with KTV.

4 , I want to talk about the KTV sing acquisition line, revelation of Internet entrepreneurs.

in my opinion, sing acquisition of KTV, bread purchase travel trip, air purifier, ink weather do facial beauty picture show phone logic are similar. There may be future, the video site acquisition theaters, cinemas.

what these similar logic is that?

a is that in your industry chain vertically or horizontally, to actively seek to extend. And these points, not only can bring our business expansion, also can bring more efficient cash mode. The liquidation mode, whether you are buying a strong ability to pay in a industrial chain link point of the company, or to sell a identifing with their field of intelligent hardware devices.

the other one is, be sure to do in your industry users and user viscosity first, so in the army in the imitation you, you have enough ability to open new model innovation, and in the horizontal or vertical, the expansion of the path in the mobile Internet era, if you are a small entrepreneur, had better choose vertical, this is the biggest difference between the age of the Internet with PC.