Lack of professionals

In the last few days I have read some news in barrapunto or meneame that speak of the lack of informatics that is foreseen for the near future.

And honestly I do not miss anything, personally I have been able to see it in my own university, my promotion (from 2002/03) consists of about 120 people, this year in first they barely reach 30-40.

The computer is in the doldrums in our country, entrepreneurs do not know how to value our work, sometimes making comments such as:

  • It is striking that a director of HR says that the computer “[…] is a type of professional who values the project more than the salary.”

This is what happens when money is valued more than work, sadly a computer engineer who has studied 5 years and is offered 15,000 gross euros a year prefer to serve glasses to accept that job and even more in Spain where prices of the houses even the rents are only within the reach of a few.

Thanks to the labor intrusiveness (very widespread in the computer science) and to the almost inhuman offers of work to which some informatics are exposed, every time this race interests less, and as a consequence of it it will be the loss of professionals in our country.

The good ones will emigrate to countries where their effort is paid as they deserve and the companies that do not want to pay for a diploma or degree will end up suffering the consequences of not having adequate professionals.

But this situation … is it the fault of the companies? or the informatics …