Lai Dandan voice again: the mystery of mini pick prosecution jingdong

in mini unpaid wages not if really choose employees, the company’s low price sell shares after, is still in the fermentation. Yesterday, the founder of the mini pick Lai Dandan voices in weibo again, and shares are explained in detail in collaboration with jingdong behind the transfer issue.

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about jingdong buy mini pick the price of it?

mini pick is I started ding day network technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., a subsidiary of a web site. At that time, my company’s business in addition to the mini pick (B2C), include the business (B2B) and in the daytime offline trade and service, etc.

in December 2011, jingdong investment at a line of dozens of people come to Shanghai after completion of due diligence on mini pick business and jingdong reached a merger agreement: jingdong paid 2 million yuan for mini pick team (44), intangible assets (domain name, trademark, copyright, etc.), fixed assets (servers, office equipment, vehicles, etc.). The physical assets according to the book value calculation, the value of intangible assets do not make a penny.

about why again and jingdong joint venture after purchase?

mini pick after m&a to jingdong, about my future and liu had a simple communication, liu told me: “Beijing east to work, sooner or later you still want to venture out, but in Beijing east experience of complex culture of big business is good for you.”

(every time I think of he said these words, my tears stream down will flow, liu is an example of many entrepreneurs and idols, and I have heart to follow. Today we are going to litigate, like acupuncture pain my heart. But everyone has his life’s bottom line and principles, whenever I see my team being bullied, mistreated, my heart is more pain than acupuncture at that time. So, I finally chose to use legal weapon, media language to deal with this matter.

have encouraged so I entered jingdong liu, when shou-chuan zhang (then vice President of jingdong open platform) is my business leadership, to be fair, jingdong open platform have today’s brilliant, Lao zhang. But also a little old piece cannot get along well, great-hearted, with most of the group.

this character may be the real root cause he was forced to leave the jingdong. At the business level, I often and Lao zhang mini pick in jingdong how its future development are discussed. Due to the jingdong users more men, so we put the mini pick on a women tend to service users, Japan and South Korea brand vertical sites, in the form of a separate company to operate. Can open up overseas markets for jingdong, and can make a supplement to jingdong users.

with the direction and solution after I and Lao zhang in the middle of March 2012 report to liu. Liu is a silent, decision soon, after our solution immediately made the following decision: $10 million, set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, independent operation, mini pick team with a 20% stake. Three years later, jingdong forced buy mini pick team shares, valuation methods of two kinds: 1, according to the 0.7 times of water; 2, according to the net profit of 11 times; By alternative jingdong.

at the same time nodes, jingdong introduced a former lenovo manager do a CMO, regarding a subsidiary one sky blue Ye speak to me, and said: our team also need to pay. Then I also promise to pay, so just have now shares in architecture: jingdong 8 million, mini pick team 2 million (later in the shareholders’ committee resolution agreed to pay before June 5, 2014 2 million).

20 yuan a 80% stake in the transfer unit is what thing?

a lot of people do not understand the jingdong paid $20 what is going on. Thing is that, when a former lenovo manager, told me at the end of December group to mini pick operations group and need me to cooperate with the handover and dealing with employee, I propose that we small shareholders of group in accordance with the commitment to repurchase equity. Group temporarily don’t have time to deal with the things said at the time, then I can offer whether can you take my hand I find buyers, group didn’t make any comments. Then I found a well-known Shanghai electric shang dynasty operating company, with 30 million yuan for the enterprise is willing to take a 15% stake in our team. As a result, the thing I also told in the form of mail group, group did not reply, and then through a lawyer letter formally informed. On March 10, jingdong has put most of the employees to do processing, and on its own in the heart of the system background mini carry more than 1000 shops are made the transition. At this time, the group sent me letter said: will be the price of 20 yuan to transfer 80% of their shares to a third party, but we have a right of first refusal under the team.

at this point, I don’t think my self-esteem and personality is the bottom line of humiliation, these two years, I worked hard with them, conscientiously struggle for two years, we achieve several hundred million from zero, even if you feel has no value, want to cut down, but also cannot erase our achievements and the sweat we give away, should also be responsible for the past performance and had promised to make a fair decision. Speak of in this two years of jingdong, also is a kind of exotic experiences of my life, also don’t know how many strange thing. In this two years, there are several investors looking for my new project cooperation, all I was declined. Once was a well-known investment bosses to make fun of, said I will regret one day. At this point, I just want to say: the ginger is old spicy!

about subsidiary of more than 1500 net profit?

mini pick for jingdong recruit merchants and operate, the main task is to add water to jingdong, its sales revenue for the flow of the buckle point, etc. According to the jingdong standard fees to the businessman. These sales mini pick on daily operation cost is the profit, the net profit of more than 15 million. Before the group never told our team for mini pick group expenses. Until I finally talk to group some executives should follow the original commitment to 11 times or 0.7 times the value of the total net profit to buy back shares our team, just told me that the mini pick is loss, so not worth. Questioned why they lose money when they told me that you want me to bear the cost of the group of more than 2000 this year (management, marketing, technical service, etc.) I’m meng however don’t know there is such a large sum of cost behind me, more meng however don’t know that more than 2000 are how to stand on my head? More between us and the group without any agreement about the cost, even no email about fees. Later, I finally understand, only tens of millions of fees imposed on your head, can say you lost, run by the company can give them enough reason to do what they want to do, also can send 20 yuan absurd lawyer letter of transfer of a 80% stake in the company.

these days, countless friends call care about me, comfort me. I’m really grateful, without it, I may not know that there are so many people support me concerned about me. The so-called know his companion in a, want to be. Although hard, I a weak woman had to jingdong such a big MAC, I have no choice, only fight to the end, even if I had nothing, must also be a replacement for my team.

I don’t deserve to do an entrepreneur! I also don’t match the team later!