Late tablet behind: millet luck start or end?

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recently, millet release tablet (including 4 k TV) measures which brings the reconsideration of the industry in the future strategy for millet. Critics believe that copy millet millet mobile phone “triathlon”, namely software + + Internet hardware integration products, also the analysis thinks millet will be challenged to lenovo in the tablet market. But according to the current actual situation of the tablet market and the performance of the millet mobile phone, we think millet the release tablet is not the industry think to be optimistic.

the first look at the situation of global tablet market, is not only in the first quarter of this year, from the past few quarters, lithographic PC market growth has slowed, apple, Android as well. Now only support the main motivation is the price of the tablet growth. But look from millet release tablet prices, there is no obvious advantage, this conference from millet, the rice noodles for the 16 g version 1499 yuan pricing rather than previous screams, even show disappointment verified (because in their expectations, should be the price of this tablet and red rice cell phone almost 799 yuan).

although millet CEO lei jun in the compared with Android tablet application differences are the selling point of millet tablet is to use the interpretation of the tablet, but the application of this so-called millet can prop up its premium compared with rival tablet and how many users are still remaining variables. Actually just look at the performance of the amazon tablet is easy to infer the future of millet tablets, amazon tablet’s biggest selling point is the price and the application, not only the price is lower than the current average price of the tablet (less than millet), of course, applications are far more than the application of millet, but look from the market performance is not strong. According to the latest global Strategy Analytics tablet shipments, according to the statistics in the first quarter of this year, amazon’s tablet computer market share is only 1.5%, fell 20%, ranked apple, samsung, lenovo, asus.

the same tablet computer market in China, according to EnfoDesk analysys, a think-tank, according to data released except the top two apple and samsung, ranking followed by lenovo shipments, onda, electric and other enterprises strong point is still the performance-to-price ratio and low price. Particularly by the industry believe that the main rival lenovo millet tablet challenges, in addition to price, it is able to meet the high-end business, and can meet the demand of mid-range household broad tablet product line and ensure the shipments, and into China and the key to the global tablet market of the top three. Which is behind lenovo is the result of accumulation and precipitation in traditional PC industry for stronger ability to control the related industrial chain, this also explains why millet tablet well priced higher (not don’t want to low, is not low down), less category, and it was not until today to enter the tablet market (because long before there are rumours that millet to the tablet, and lei jun says millet as to whether the tablet about two years to think about it).

so, millet why finally decided to enter the tablet market? The reasoning behind this might be more important than discuss millet tablet itself. Admittedly, millet or millet phone model made a stage in China’s smartphone market success, and millet phones are becoming the core of millet business today (no matter from revenue, or profit perspective), is the so-called may, especially in the Chinese market, as huawei, lenovo, zte and other mainstream and non-mainstream handset vendors are following and imitating, millet patterns encountered challenges.

if the challenge of these vendors only millet mobile phone future growth external cause, millet pattern innovation itself (including product, marketing, etc.) the bottleneck is the key effect to kill the future internal cause. Give up a fever of 799 yuan red rice cell phones release main price (started) is one of the bottlenecks evidence millet pattern themselves. Is due to release of red rice, millet inadvertently weaken and reduce the millet pattern superiority and threshold, the initiative will compete gradually to specialize in industrial chain control of huawei, lenovo and zte’s hands. And this is millet pattern before short board and try to avoid. So the result is the increased cost of millet products and marketing (compared with before yourself).

smart lei jun, of course, aware of the challenges faced by millet pattern in the mobile market and can lead to the result of, this is why successively into television, router and one of the main reasons for the tablet market today. Patterns seen in this way, millet (including millet) out of the mobile phone industry, into the new market is not the real reason for it from the outside to create the so-called intelligent household whole industrial chain, and just for the sake of the future could face severe challenges in the mobile market, the model of millet and millet find another new point and profit. After all with lenovo now has its own core PC business, huawei, zte, etc have their own business than millet currently almost all bets on a mobile phone, once the market is a variable, millet will have no way to retreat.

but helpless, from market watch TV and routers, born in the mobile phone market of millet model is far from its played like a duck to water in the mobile phone market. After all had made millet pattern, geographical and human conditions and so on many of the success with millet pattern out of the mobile phone industry has changed. So in the tablet market.

until today, the successful analysis of how thoroughly again about millet mode, as was the founder of millet pattern lei jun I summarize more accord with the actual. Its in a media interview, millet pattern 85% success depends on luck, so it is difficult to replicate success opponents. I don’t know LeiJunHe out of this? Because the opponent to emulate, without words? Go today have been by luck or millet patronage? This reminds us of Einstein’s words: a man’s success by 99% effort and 1% talent. We can’t deny the importance of luck, and sometimes even the difference, but the somebody else Einstein also put 99% of success in the personal efforts, lei jun, but millet 85% of successful weight on the luck? Difficult to millet often say to let users of screaming product innovation, service and other accounts for only 15%? The luck of a successful enterprise can walk far? After all finished luck always useful, some not lei jun in the millet will always see the face of good luck?

just like the previous analysis, millet into the television behind, routers and tablet market, said seems to lei jun for millet pattern of luck) (mainly refers to the mobile phone market has not so confident, so I hope this luck will turn to other industries and markets, but over time, feng shui changed, good luck will continue? And the weight of good luck once reduced, different industry long industrial chain of control, homogeneous product, has not yet formed unique closed loop of so-called ecosystem why support millet to move on?