Latecomers Spark Labs invasion iot strategy is the “carrot and stick”

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a few days ago, focusing on the Internet of things system development of startups Spark Labs is completed $4.9 million in financing, into the next stage of development. According to the CEO and founder Zach Supalla, Spark Labs future will integrate technology to stabilize the cloud platform of Internet of things.

the Spark Labs at present there are two major product, respectively is to encourage the development of all kinds of Internet innovation motherboard Spark Core, and the cloud of unicom platform SparkCloud iot devices. According to Supalla planning, the future Spark Labs will launch called Spark OS iot systems, including information interface, data storage options, application interface, and the management of all kinds of networking equipment.

asked with same sales development board Electric Imp have what distinction, Supalla, said on the business, the Spark Labs will develop independent hardware, cloud two types of business, and on the function, the Spark Labs development system board Core is open source, the user to choose collocation of component limit is less, so the user-oriented is wider.

with the development of motherboard, Supalla also recruited a batch of new engineers to create the Spark, aimed at to meet the requirements of big clients clouds associated equipment. He believes that the mainboard release and promotion is expected to Spark Labs follows the big Internet companies product developers.

iot development space is very wide, but also the opportunities and competition coexist. Spark Labs do core components, and development route of the system is also be a good idea, after all, Kickstarter success also calculate can be seen that the identity of its expected. And what iot system can make it, shall we wait the Spark to bring our “next”.

investment overview

in May last year, the Spark Labs on the raised platform Kickstarter to raise $570000 m, far more than its $10000 in financing goals. This A round of funding, and cast parties including Lion Wells Capital, O ‘reilly AlphaTech Ventures, something, Collaborative Fond, and some of the angels.