Le depending on the trend of smart TV time ready?

cloud network hunting on June 11,

apparent Beijing yesterday formally issued super TV series, the second generation product of 40 inch 4 S super TV S40 Air nuclear trenches, pricing $999 + 998, declaring the 40 inch smart TV completely into the era of one hundred yuan; 50 inch TV S50 Air 4 super nuclear trenches, pricing + $1999 to $998. on the configuration, after the upgrade the whole series of TV products achieve full four nucleation, the corresponding memory, memory is also a double upgrade on the basis of the original.

in addition, Letv announced the latest S series super TV will work with tencent in-depth, in the QQ space to start booking on June 12, June 17, 12 noon open purchase, the first number 60000. In the future, S40 Air, S50 Air only in store sales.

the number of new products the most eye-catching places to 999 yuan 40 inch S40 Air, le ShiSuan is the first to pull into the “one thousand yuan level” smart TV era. But add 998 yuan le depending on membership fees, after the one thousand yuan machine still have some discrepancy, but the price is really to smart phones in the end, even a piece of the LCD panel price.

regards said: “our goal is to the future, the smart TV can make like smart phones, can be widely accepted, fast iterative update products, bring users a better experience.”

smart TV like smart phones update iteration? Good concept, but smart TV really mature enough, allowing the user to follow trends, update the iteration?

TV industry chain is gradually opening up dip, smart TV market existing ability fast iterative

in the past, TV for everyone’s impression is in the home “a big”, is very expensive, does not take in five or six years, even 67! The cause of this problem, on the one hand, is the whole industry chain technology is too low, the production cost is higher, make TV price high; On the other hand is the television industry internal control almost all the supply of resources, in order to guarantee their own interests, it is impossible to reduce the price.

in technology through vigorously developing of led display technology in recent years, a highest – screen TV costs, the price has been greatly reduced, the foot can reach users to upgrade.

but due to the nearly two years of smart phones, China, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan has accumulated a large number of new production line, smart phone, however, have been quick to market saturation stage, the demand will decline further in the future.

these producers at this time in order to catch the next wave of technology trend, also in try very hard to make new hi-tech production line. Therefore, most of the manufacturers to transform the original mobile phone panel production line into TV panels, which in turn further stimulate the TV price drop, in order to stimulate sales.

in chip technology, and intelligent mobile phone operating system of the same smart TV, both almost can be directly applied in many respects. The intelligent mobile phone hardware is already very mature, performance have a surplus. Smart TV, on the basis of the hardware in the smartphone, after more than two years of integrated optimization, already is not a problem on the cost and performance.

so smart TV spending from the user’s point of view, has been completely can realize the rapid and iterative hardware update.

smart TV is still the problem: user acceptance

actually now TV market, almost all smart TV all over the world! User want to buy a new TV, smart TV is the best choice basically can only. So no matter the user want smart TV, also can only passive choice.

but passive choice may not represent user accepted the smart TV! Users really accept the smart TV? Apparently not.

user can’t accept the following reasons: online video bandwidth issues, video resources search for problems, low operation of fun.

speed upgrade hardware problems can only rely on countries, at present the country began the latest broadband upgrade plan, don’t know the future effect how, in addition the user is not willing to give up, popularity is a problem.

it depends on the problem of video resources search TV makers ability, apparent that has done a good job, also introduced by this convenient random playback system, in this respect, the acceptance of the smart TV will be higher.

the last one is the fun of operation problem, user to smart TV is the most important thing is to find fun, fun enough smart TV?

Letv approach is to provide the functional diversity of the remote control, to provide different control mode, the different control experience. After matching leui through iterative optimization for a long time, already has a unique operation mode, in a wide range of use is enough to attract users.

but after simple features, also need more viscous products to attract more users. Global voice search, barrage, radar screen interactive functions, this is le see further digging for you convenient entertainment function, but also increased depending on the nature of social.

but clearly depending on the pace is still slow, a little can’t keep up with rapidly expanding customers’ needs. Another important function of smart TV, games, music as it seems, are still not bring a surprise to people , said before the game according to its own copyright resource hasn’t seen or heard.

the field of video game is an extremely dependent on remote control, music depending on the current TV control system is not enough unity, also to see the game ecological added concern. But as Letv super TV sales surge, le apparent game in the field of ecological voice will be more and more heavy.

overall, smart TV will also need to develop slowly, step by step, le apparent also very has the potential to smart TV field. Letv based on content resources, hardware products, in the future there are social, electricity, can search, games, etc.

smart TV market attractive enough, is worth looking forward to.