Leadership than you cow X is that he can brush weibo time you cannot

according to the researchers report, and now the staff in the work time on Facebook can need not worry so carefully by the superior group, because according to the survey, many executives also frequently use social media during work hours.

the university of bergen in Norway Cecilie while Schou Andreassen points out, although officials do not so agree with lower on the Internet for private purposes during work time, but in fact, they usually did. It also explains why officials work longer hours, and officials to work with relaxation can be further combined with the situation. Andreassen added, don’t like the staff to do the same, is worried about the efficiency of the staff to reduce, influence enterprise operations.

Andreassen analysis of data from 11000 to participate in the research of Norway’s employees. The analysis results of this research to a certain extent, explain why the “in the work time surfing the Internet for private purposes or the use of social media”, “why is single, the education in particular, young men will do”. Andreassen said that social media more feature-rich for singles, and with education, there is a certain social and economic status, familiar with computer use more so than a lower education level employees can win more network.

Andreassen also pointed out that the higher social and economic status of workers generally have a certain ability and qualifications, compared with the ordinary employees, the more afraid of losing your job so in work time more spare capacity “play” network and social platform.